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This is really good for inner thighs! One simple move to get that gap between your thighs.

Stiff neck? Sore back? Or hold stress in your shoulders? These are great stretches to relieve pain, soreness & stiffness.

Backside burner: Start in tabletop, weights in hands. Extend one leg back, parallel to floor, as you reach the opposite arm out to the side (in line with shoulder, palm facing down). Return to start. Do 10 reps. Switch sides.

The best Weight Loss Program Ever!

Flatten your belly, slim your thighs, and firm your butt in 2 weeks-- without a single sit-up or squat. These five ballet-inspired moves use one piece of equipment you're sure to have in your home--a wall to gently increase your flexibility and range of motion. The result: You'll isolate the tough to reach muscles that pull in your belly, lift your backside, and trim your thighs..

Extraordinary Home Remedies for Cellulite with Castor Oil. If you are trying pneumatic massages, heat therapy, ultrasound, radio frequency therapy, magnetic therapy, radial waves therapy, electrical stimulation but nothing works, you can try a natural remedy with castor oil.

Lazy fitness. I think this is my greatest Pinterest finding ever.

Morning Workout I think I could do thid!