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West Highland White Terriers lined up for judging. Precious picture!

Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervuren)

Wreck-It Ralph Halloween Costume

Without a doubt the most awesome fan I have ever seen.

my future husband would love a picture like this. I'm doing this! :)

This is a Maine Coon, aka the only kind of cat I will ever have. It's basically a dog trapped in a huge cat's body.

  • Theresa Osbourn

    Of course I answer back. It is just he and I against the world.

  • Sonny Ali

    I so love my Maine Coon. My cat and I were featured in a family magazine, but that issue was about pets. The title of the article was Kitten Smitten. Don't those two words so ring true to anyone who owns a Maine Coon? I love love love my Babu.

  • Sheri Elsztein

    Agreed that they are cat dogs.... Mine plays fetch

  • Lynne Marchese

    mine knows when I'm coming home and runs to the door and does the puppy dance until I follow him

  • Emily FORD

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Spying on the neighbor's cat.