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how can some humans look at animals all the time and never really see that they are more than just animals. Look at that love!

“THE BEST ENEMIES” dragonfly (sympetrum) further weakened by the freshness of the morning, came deliberately to hang on this Praying Mantis that had landed on a broken flower stem!

Sigh... You never learn do you? You never learn. Fine, but I'm not bailing you out next time.

Cat tree - for real. This would look great in the house, much more decorative than the carpet towers sold at the pet centers, and the kitties seem to be enjoying it! Craft store tree, handyman platforms, totally do-able.

awww he's watching the sunset ♥

buckskin horses images | Mares - RBL Quarter Horses

Fully Loaded Reuben Quesadilla's! - Cooking with Mel - Cooking with Mel

Beautiful. Elegant, and wondrous. It's love. | Flickr: Intercambio de fotos

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Adorable Maltese Puppy by TeaCups Puppies & Boutique. Wish tea cups were not so wrong They are cruel to be brought into this world....not to be

  • Cheri Breitinger

    Miranda if caring what happens to shelter animals makes me " holier than thou " so be it .

  • Miranda Torres

    @Cheri Edwards you can care without being and sounding completely judge mental of others. I care about shelter dogs and even though I plan on buying my yorkie from an AKC show breeder I'm also going to foster dogs or adopt a brother or sister for her. You came of as being completely judgemental of people who choose to buy from breeders.

  • Bella Gonzales

    OMG that's so cute!!!! @Peggy Maas

  • Destiny Renee

    I agree. I have three pure bred dogs that I got from breeders. But I also have 5 cats that are rescues. Just because I wanted a certain dog ( in my case Great pyrenees, and Bernese Mountain Dogs) Doesn't make me an awful person. Yes, it's sad that animals end up in the shelter, but it's not wrong to get animals from a breeder either!

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Please come down and play with me.

Poo-pom!! Poodle/pomeranian mix. Mine's name is Spankie but he's more brown and black than this adorable little guy :)

Leopard cub

They are SO cute!! :)