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"Swimming elephants in the *Andaman Islands, Bay of Bengal*" [Photo by oblaise (Olivier Blaise) - April 23 2009] 'h4d'120914

Human medications that are safe for your dog

RISKY ROOSTER "I heard this is where the chickens of the sea hang out. Those ladies sounded so exotic, I had to check it out for myself."

Great Horned Owl by Jason Low

Bow tie dog cute animals dogs outdoors nature dog polka dots fluffy bow tie

My dogs are my great comforters. They sense sorrow & want to help. It's in their eyes. They love me, I love them & we help each other be happy.

  • Neil Chisholm

    Totally agree. Dogs have an inbuilt sense of when a nuzzle will delight or a wag will make you smile. I couldn't live without a dog in my family. They are the ones that are the litmus paper of our emotional health and make the family complete. A house without a dog is not a home.

  • Gina Sanders

    So true, Neil. How people go through life not knowing the kind of unconditional and pure love that a dog shares is a mystery to me.

  • Diana Boggs

    Totally agree!

  • Funny Pet Videos - YourPetClip

    I seen this quote awhile back but it's still nice to read.

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Ursula's pup! New England Aquarium News and Updates: Rare Fur Seal Pup Born at the Aquarium

Oh frog I'd kiss you my frog prince!

Kaley Cuoco--The “Big Bang Theory” star is a huge pit bull advocate. The actress recently adopted her third and frequently tweets about misconceptions of the breed and how much she loves her own pups (and enjoys sharing silly photos of herself with her pooches, as evidenced by the shot above). She also partnered with Angel City Pit Bulls to make a PSA for the dogs, stating that she was “so proud” to work with the organization.

Hiking trail in Mittenwald, a municipality in the district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, in Bavaria, Germany

"Why isn’t anyone pushing me?" If this little puglet was black, it would look exactly like my favorite pup Violet!