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Acceptable Household Medications For Pets - The Fun Times Guide to Dogs

  • Linda Bass

    "IMMODIUM IS NOT SAFE FOR COLLIES AND CAN BE FATAL IF GIVEN! Collies can use Pepto but NEVER IMMODIUM. It is part of a genetic mutation that many collies have (if you have had your collie tested for this mutation and they are negative, IMMODIUM could be used). If you have not had your Collie tested, it is a VERY prevalent problem and is VERY likely to be unsafe. This is also the case for other herding dogs, such as Shelties, AUstralian shepherds, etc." Please share this warning when you pass this along.

Hello Gorgeous | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Best pillow ever.

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Dachshunds - Quality German Engineering

Dodger dog wall art? Canvas, paint, and let him walk across it. I strangely love this!

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Two Siberians by Dr. Maurice G. Hornocker

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Three Toed Sloth by vilaincrette,,: Close up view of Brown throated sloth sleeping, Costa Rica.