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Elizabeth II by Bates Masi Architects

CIC ENERGIGUNE / ACXT Arquitectos (18)

Shopping Mall, East Berlin, 1989

Centerville, Pennsylvania. This picture was taken shortly after the house was abandoned in 2003. Since then it has deteriorated badly.

AD Classics: Price Tower / Frank Lloyd Wright

Cliffhanger studio at Cornell University, M.Arch | Jerry Lai - Alfred Hitchcock Foundation Archive Cutaway / Digital/Mixed 2009 KRob Finalist

concept SKETCH: Photo

Articles - STUDENTS PROJECTS - DESIGN PROJECTS - PROJECTS2013 - Reformation and rehabilitation of an inactive quarry, with spatial location of uses for Tourism, Recreation and Environmental Education

Belle Grove Plantation - Louisiana. Built in the 1850s, one of the abandoned plantations along the Mississippi. Too expensive to maintain for the owners, it fell into disrepair, awaiting it's restoration, but now too far gone.


The Nova House (Youngstown, Ohio) was the place where Benjamin Albright shot and killed his son by accident then killed himself and his wife after being struck with anguish and guilt in 1958. The home has been vacant ever since and still has personal belongings inside.

Stonescape by Kengo Kuma. This isn't the point but I totally thought of the Chamber of Secrets. Where's the basilisk? Sara G....are you with me?