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Nymphs in a Romantic, Garden - Salvador Dali 1921

Spirit Houses, lovely sculpture piece but you don't want to bring it inside.

Naomi Campbell (1994) The Art Institute of Chicago / .. Art nudity is one thing; but ALL professional media ppl KNOW; no skin! For those enquiring minds ;)

Juan Gris (1887 - 1927) | Synthetic Cubism | Bottle

Bejin "Beautiful Woman" by Eiho Hirezaki (1881-1968) Japanese artist and illustrator

STREET ART UTOPIA » We declare the world as our canvasStreet Art in Olsztyn, Poland » STREET ART UTOPIA

Germany. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Double Self-Portrait Ernst Ludwig Kirchner was a German expressionist painter and printmaker and one of the founders of the artists group Die Brücke or "The Bridge", a key group leading to the foundation of Expressionism in 20th-century art.

Jose de Almada-Negreiros (1893 - 1970) | Cubism | Fisherwoman, tapestry

Doubly terminated Fluorapophylitte crystal / Mineral Friends ♥

This is Yellowstone Falls by a transcendentalist named Albert Bierstadt.