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Sexy Shirtless Men (56 pics)

"Hey girl" Tom Hiddleston, although usually with him it's "hello, darling" (gif) aaaaahhhhjkjjhsdvkjsdvkhjdfkv!

one of my favorite movies. A truly classic woman who could make a man trip on himself with one glance from her sunglasses.

Irene Sharaff's period costume for Barbra Streisand in 'Funny Girl' (1968).

hunter hayes charms. these are so cute

The Color Purple- amaaaazing! I can watch this movie a thousand times. I think I've seen it about 30 times seriously! Whoopi was spectacular! Oprah was amazing and you loved to hate Danny Glover!

Gene Tierney in "Laura" - Otto Preminger - 1944

It may be childish but I'm gonna watch it because it has to be good!

  • Bella Lynch

    Well now I wish I lived in Jamestown :-P

  • Mei M

    Lol. I saw them there but I don't live in Jamestown. It was on NBC in 2012

  • Bella Lynch

    Lucky! This is late but I just noticed I didn't respond. But lucky!!!

  • Mei M

    U should go on you tube and try to find it

  • Bella Lynch

    Ok ill try. It would be cool to watch!

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Anson Mount & Mac

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