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Take a Trip into Jaejoong’s Whimsical Twitter World

I am obsessed w/ beautiful smiles... his smile particularly; but pretty much any guy w/ an amazing smile is awesome. :)

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Joe Esposito with Elvis at the Last Concert 1977. Joe met Elvis while they were both in the army. Joe was Elvis' aide and right hand man from 1960-1977. They cemented their friendship while stationed in West Germany. Elvis gave him the martial-arts nickname, "The Lion". After Elvis returned to the US, he hired Esposito as his road manager.

Lana Del Rey... I'm a sad girl, I'm a bad girl...

I dont think I could ever really explain why I love her so much, but i do...shes just Divine... ♥ The Divine Miss M

Oh Zac...we shall be married someday.

5SOS at Jimmy Kimmel Live ♡♡

IT'S BECAUSE YOU'RE NIALL HORAN.<<<<< and its perfect<<< and it's the most beautiful sound in the universe.

ElvisMatters- of reverence and respect for the King !

David Beckham and Adam Levine - this is what can only be called "too much hot in one spot."