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Afternoon Eye Candy: Random hotties (29 photos)

Halle Berry. First black woman to win the Actor. Helluva thing. It was the first role I ever really began to see her differently. It was so raw...a movie that left her no place to hide emotionally. It wasn't the nakedness, but the raw emotional nakedness with which she attacked the role that sold me.

  • Nicole Sebastian

    actually, it was Hattie mcdaniels for playing Mammy in gone with the wind...... just saying

  • Esaias

    Halle is the first black woman to win the Actor in a Lead role; Hattie won for Supporting role.

Alex Minsky One of America's Hero who lost his leg in Afghanistan.. Oh and he is a Beautiful Marine..

I loveeeeeee the combonation of green eyes and dark hair! Strong jawline is an added bonus:)

tumblr_inline_nawlt53qjF1szj2jn.gif (245×350)

Omari sexy man ohh yea! He's on being Mary Jane! Omari-Hardwick-lands-lead-on-starz-power-824-1.jpg 618×768 pixels

one direction imagines | Tumblr

  • Sophia Sing

    OMG!!! I swear I didn't write this!!! That's awesome! Thank you so much for posting that!

Watch detailed analysis of bone scans which show King Richard III died from skull wounds, after losing his helmet in the heat of battle