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Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Queens & Princesses - Madeleine and Silvia took advantage of good weather to go for a walk in Central Park with Leonore. Sept. 27, 2014

The 24 Deepest Harry Styles Tweets Of 2013>>>his tweets are awesome!!!!!>>> i love him ♥ :)<<<< I love him a lot but he makes no sense but that's ok I don't think anyone cares

jung yong hwa from LA ‪#‎DogersStadium

I love the empty look on Loki's face after he drops his brother out of the helicarrier in the glass cage. The next time they meet is on top of Stark Tower in NY, & Loki is completely unsurprised that Thor is alive. He never truly wanted his brother dead anyway. The Above Comment Wins All <-- do my feels mean so little to you??

Mrs. Artwork - glimpses of my art education: Op Art - part 2: Beads

Lucille Ball - The Lucy Show

Ariana Grande Tattoos (without the nose ring it would look better)

not my style at all but you need to admit this is hot.

Sexy side eye? Yeah, he knows something about that. | 26 Reasons Why Derek Is The Sexiest Monster On "Teen Wolf"

Who wants to go back-woods-ing with this guy? ... Me.

Charlie Hunnam Doesn't See A Stretch Between Similarities With ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Jax Teller, Highlight Hollywood News

Theo James and Shailene Woodley dominated the Divergent red carpet. I LOVE THEMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM