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Bowling with Articulation Cards

The Sharpened Pencil: Bloom's Taxonomy

Stations for meet the teacher night

This will be a great resource for teaching Animal Science :-)

Illustrated Suffix Cards with definitions and examples $

This rhyme introduces children to the parts of the plants. When going to the original site you are able to find other cool activities that you can incorporate into your lesson such as taking white carnations and putting them into water with food colouring and watching the flower change colours. Very engaging and hands on for the children.

Anchor Chart ROUND UP by Karen Jones at the Primary Chalkboard!

"the counseling center staff displayed pictures of the different college campuses their students had applied to, visited, and/or were looking forward to attending the following fall! [NOTE: This doesn't have to be strictly for high school students - you might also consider asking your elementary students to bring in pictures of themselves in the costume to show what they want to be when they grow up!]"

The Game That Is Worth 1,000 Worksheets

Pronouns! - Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons

Smashed soda can face - embellished with acrylic paint and puffy paint

teaching kids the consants that they get mixed up. I actually came up with the idea of the word bed last week to help my 5 year old distinguish b and d, just didn't think to use the hands to even further reinforce it. And she has another one for p and g. I need to switch the g to a q for our class though

What happens? (The egg will float because the salt has caused the water to become more dense.)

25 Versions of Little Red Riding Hood~Includes the classic story, fun twists, the tale told from the wolf’s point of view, and books for old...

Week 3- /f/ f and /r/ r This is a cute activity to teach the students about the letter r.

This product contains 15 different exit passes (11 of which can be used for ANY subject area, while 4 are subject specific to Math, English, Science, and Social Studies). Each of the printable exit passes also come with a colorful poster that you can put on your wall to display what the students learned that day underneath!

Flickriver: Most interesting photos from Junior High/Middle School Library Displays & Bulletin Boards pool | Promoting Our School Libraries |

So glad I learned how to create a routine so many years ago. This is how I do it, in a nutshell. Easy Peasy!

Two Lessons on Self Control Using Bubbles

Heard of a color run? Make it fun for your kids by creating DIY color run powder and having a color war in the backyard! Find awesome summer dessert recipes, craft ideas and more at