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Chevron Classroom Decor Set. 38 printable pages of classroom decor - pennants, birthday posters, 120 chart, binder covers, labels....

cute version of this

Finally a way for kids to understand domain and range from a graph? Visual/foldable activity so they can see the limits of the function.

Science experiment!

So You Want to Write a Novel infographic

Students write a letter to a parent about what they did during the week. The parent writes back a short note in response. "If the students bring their Friday Journal back on Monday with a parent response, they receive a sticker on the cover of their journal. By the end of the year, the cover looks really cool and the parents have a special keepsake."

How to Teach Gratitude to Your Children: nice gratitude activity list

Does it drive you crazy to see your students shuffling through the notebooks trying to find their next empty page? Do they constantly leave empty pages between entries? Do YOU hate having to spend time finding the page you are looking to assess? Then, the cutting corners method is for you! When you assess notebooks, cut the upper right corner. Just place your thumb on the upper right hand corner and flip…you're on a fresh page! Ta-da!

Two ingredient snow recipe made using common household items- this stuff is amazing! It is naturally cold and feels just like fresh fallen powder in your hands. So easy to make, too. My kids love this sensory snow!

Interactive color wheel art lesson for 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th grade middle school students. Great project for learning about the element of art color! Also for practicing mixing colors and learning the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.

IEP at a glance... would be fabulous to leave for sub... nothing confidential, but the sub would know what accommodations to make. Love!

Bottle Cap Big Magnets- DIY Craft. Supplies: Acrylic Paint ( suggested ), googly eyes and glue. And magnets, possibly. I don't think bottle caps are magnetic.... I think they are... whatever, Good Luck Crafting!

Off the Wall Westward Expansion Lesson - Guest blog post by Joan Claspill on Corkboard Connections - Students roam through an "Art Gallery" of pictures related to the lesson, taking notes and recording inferences. Great way to integrate social studies and literacy!

Pirate crafts Save 2l bottles, or water bottles to create.. TREASURE MAP (craft 1) BOTTLE (craft 2)

Post your pictures throughout the school year- I love this idea for a bulletin board that will not ever need to be changed!!! Just keep on adding pics!!! :)

laminate this so it could be used with a dry erase marker throughout the year.

10 Positive Psychology Studies to Change Your View of Happiness

Your students will love reviewing their Multiplication Facts with this fun, "high flying", 49 question/104 slide game. The animations, graphics, and sounds will have your students begging for a little class competition!

Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!: Pandora in the Classroom

Weather Forecast--have students chart the weather for the week and predict the weekend weather!