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Showing Emotions and Feelings in Writing Anchor Chart

Science Interactive Notebooks: Roller Coasters with Marbles and Foam Tubes

Root Beer Float- Solid, liquid, gas experiment. Ice cream is solid, root beer is liquid, air bubbles are gas. Creates a chemical reaction because the new substance formed can't be easily separated. Nucleation "Tiny bubbles of air present in the soda cause the ice cream to float and are nucleation sites for the formation of large bubbles of carbon dioxide"- from Ice cream fizz.(wk 13)

Writing anchor chart for the beginning of the year...good way to show K teachers how they can incorporate writing in Daily 5

Ready for Preschool - First day of preschool books

Part of the Common Core ELA Standards requires students to be able to read informational text and determine meaning. We think this reading note can be really handy and useful!

Parent Communication Log

Middle School Short Story Study With O. Henry - These Temporary Tents by Aadel Bussinger

Montessori Style Shelf Round-Up | Hellobee

Strategies for Strengthening Inhibitory Control. Inhibitory control is the ability to suppress the processing or expression of information that would disrupt the efficient completion of the goal at hand. Excellent for children with ADHD and/or Autism.

Yeah, because, seriously, I don't KILL people in real life. That would be creepy and weird. That's for books.

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5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Flipped My Class

Teaching in Room 6: A Tour of My "Colony" {Classroom Tour}

Types of Sentences Anchor Chart: Simple, Compound, and Complex

Kindergarten Phonics Notebook: Includes 66 projects for letter sounds, rhyming, cvc word families and more. $

Teaching - Math about me! Shows students they use numbers and math more than they think they do. This would be really fun to do with students at the beginning of the year for a first math assignment.

Fun in First Grade: Building Reading Fluency

reading bulletin board ideas | Star Wars Bulletin Board Idea For Accelerated Reading ...

'Post-It letters in your name game' - Hunt for the letter in their name & put them in order.

Cute classroom display using curled paper! Easy and colorful to go with any decor!