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30 fall activities for kids from Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

Density Bottles Activity Fun!

Scratch-n-sniff cards made from jello and glue. This could be used for the Nose/Smell day during the 5 senses unit. A.C.

15 Ideas for a Preschool Farm Theme - WAY too much fun "down on the farm" in preschool! Ideas for literacy, math, arts and crafts, etc.

line design with marker + analogous crayon + watercolor resist = elements of art... perfect for fall intro

  • Katherine Urey

    I love this but I can't find one that will actually print. :( It just comes up a blank page?

Literacy in Preschool Classrooms - 7 ways to add literacy to all areas of the classroom, throughout the day.

How to Draw a Pumpkin Tutorial | Do weekly "how-to" as brain break (rather than as art project) would love it!

wind blow paint; also windy fan experiment and windy song to the tune of Bingo

BLIND DATE WITH A BOOK ACTIVITY: Love this idea to teach kids giving a book a chance. "Blind Date with a Book" Activity for independent reading. Wrap up books and decorate with key words that relate to each. Students pick a book, unwrap it, record it and read for 30 pages. Good date=keep it, finish it, review it. Bad date=return it, and write about why it wasn't the book for you. Great "get to know yourself as a reader" activity!

This is a worksheet to use when counseling students regarding self esteem. Students write things that increase their self esteem on the inside of the "bubble". On the outside of the bubble, students write things that bring them down, or try to "pop the bubble" of self esteem. Encourage students to remember all of their positive traits whenever someone tries to pop their bubble. -The School Psychologist Tool Box

Make a deck of cards with two cards of each emotion. Play go fish. When a pair is found, describe a time when you've felt that emotion.

Progress poster for Box Tops ice cream party contest

being an hr professional would be a bit nicer if we didn't have to deal with so many h's.

Jack would love this... art project for kindergarten

Summer Reading Adventure- Week 2- The Rainbow Fish | Inspired By Family Magazine

“Kaleidoscope Painting” Paint the lid of a cup with black paint and use it to stamp overlapping circles. Once it dries, paint inside each shape with a different color.

French Vocabulary Words for Months of the Year - Learn French

Artsonia Art Exhibit :: I AM Color Wheels