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Hosted by Patricia Heaton, this rib-tickling collection of good clean fun features routines by Christian stand-up comedy all-stars such as T...

Adult Hot Chocolate | Godiva Chocolate Liqueur & Whipped Cream Vodka | via Will Cook for Smiles

Extended eBook content for Written in My Own Heart's Blood: An Outlander Family Tree

What's Your Patronus? You got: A Hare People sometimes think you're a bit of an oddball, but your eccentricity and honesty are what others love most about you. You're intelligent, an animal lover, and curious about the world around you. Your Patronus takes the form of a hare, the same as Luna Lovegood. Now go back to reading this month's Quibbler, I heard there's a thrilling piece in there about the Crumple-Horned Snorkack.

Which Salvatore Brother From The Vampire Diaries Would You End Up With? --- I got Damon!

Hollywood still makes me laugh; Jonathan is cute as can be and I think Kim Cattrall is so pretty and fun....

Brittain: ceramics-- I learned how to work with clay on the wheel and by hand in high school and it is still a wonderful artistic release:)

Jowell & Randy Ft Voltio & Victor Manuelle - Ella Lo Que Quiere Es Salsa ★Musica Tropical 2012★

The xx - Intro - I first heard this on a great 'this is how Merlin should have ended' video and didn't know who did it. I'm glad to find it because I loved the music and certainly it was a better ending to that wonderful series too. :)

I'm confused at why they don't all have this symbol on the back of their left hands like in the book? It said that all shadowhunters have it..

  • Rachel Cessac

    Where in the book does Valentine talk say that about the left-handed people?

  • Hallie Thurman

    Rachel- some girl said the left handed thing, and a bunch of other stuff that made no sense and then deleted all of her comments. But whatever lol. I don't remember the book ever saying something about left handed people tho!

  • Rachel Cessac

    Yeah me too! That's why I was wondering!

  • Mariah Zamora

    It says the dominet hand

  • 'Katherine' W

    ^ What Mariah said.

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CULT CLASSIC: a must see for everyone. If only today's bullied kids had friends like this! YES! A circus' beautiful trapeze artist agrees to marry the leader of side-show performers, but his deformed friends discover she is only marrying him for his inheritance.

Madame/Adelaide: former Opera prima donna, cat lady, fabulous boss.