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Traditional Old Japan of Kyoto combined with Japan's beautiful gardens = heaven. Kyoto Castle, Kyoto, Japan #monogramsvacation

How to Grow an Avocado Tree From Start to Finish | Happy House and Garden Social Site

Let's face it - there isn't a gardener or farmer who hasn't come across one of these pests, while working in their organic garden. By finding out more about these insects and ways to control them, it is possible to grow healthy, abundant crops, and keep your garden healthy!

Natural weed killer recipe - Combine 2 cups of vinegar with ½ cup table salt in a spray bottle, add a dash of liquid dish soap to it. Mix well to dissolve the salt. Set spray nozzle to "stream" rather than "mist" and aim for the base of the weed. Spray on a hot sunny day, avoid spraying on windy days as it can kill plants too. Your weeds will usually die within a week, if not, reapply.

To warm up the existing cold concrete slab, the homeowners laid red-stained mahogany decking on top and tacked simple white fascia boards to the front and sides, giving the space the look of a new wood deck.

Easy way to get 4 liters of clean water in just 2.5 minutes!

wildflowers by Maggie Pate

Twig Chairs for a Fairy Garden... (DIY) Really basic supplies and the directions are clear. Going to do this with my kids. :)

0071 600x450 My pallets deck in garden with Terrace sofa Pallets Outdoor Lounge

Great garden landscaping ideas including patios,ponds,water features,turfing and an inexpensive design service to bring your dreams to reality

100-Year-Old Way to Filter Rainwater in a Barrel

Put Goldfish in your rain barrels to eat the mosquito larvae. Clever.

Ten things to do in Colorado...starting my Colorado Bucket list!!