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Canna (Canna Bengal Tiger) Such an abundance of generous foliage and extravagant colors is the source of spectacular displays, temporary or permanent; my friend and garden designer Glenna Partridge has mastered the art of these. On the few warm days that our Vancouver — or any other maritime climate — offers, cannas, coleus and sweet potato vines literally explode. Be ready.

Fence edge. No more weed whacking, or sneaky dogs digging a tunnel to China!

Add 1 cup milk to 2 cups water and spray on rose leaves with a handheld sprayer to protect from black spot

  • devvie olson

    You mean you were 'told to', not 'I got told to ?

  • Kathy Wilbraham

    Smarty !!!!! r u a wanna b teacher or somfin'

  • Sue Staracek

    Garlic spray is used to kill aphids, but you should add chillies and a touch of detergent to help the solution stick. These sprays are meant to be used often, unlike commercial sprays. I just hose aphids off if there are too many as I don't want to harm my lovely stick insects and lady beetles. How's my grammar, Devvie Olson?

  • Kathy Wilbraham

    Thank you Sue, I'll spray my plants your way. I love lady beetles so I don't want to hurt them in any way.

  • Sharon Jackson

    Don't you think there's enough of this kind of snark on FB? Now I have to see it on Pinerest, too?

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Cute little garden snails made from rock or marbles wrapped in wire. How cute is this!

I love the easy, natural look of this.

I have an old ladder like this and have put it in the chicken pen they love to roost on it.

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DIY Fairy Houses Fairy House Diagram: Fairy House by Tatiana Katara

My birthday is June 21, Summer Solstice. I like celebrating the rhythm of the natural cycle.