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ThinkGeek :: Building Brick Light Switch Plate

OMG Posters!

Oh how I would love to do this in the retro video game room for the boys!

THIS GIRL loves SCIENCE tshirt geek nerd dork by foultshirts, $12.00

My Fairy tail =) • Too many Lucys!!!

frozen - elsa cosplay by JIMINJI

Possibly my new favorite nerd joke. It's either this or "The bartender says 'we don't serve faster-than-light neutrons here. A neutrino walks into a bar."

Best Gif Ever, credit to NOTTHEDROIDS105, i think. In case anybody hasn't already seen this one.

funny supernatural pics | Supernatural |

Ain't nobody got time for dat!

"Nothing says family quite like the whole family being dead." | Supernatural: A Brief Summary

The real reason the dinosaurs went extinct-Jawn Freaking Watson

  • Marika Barth

    Am I the only one thinking "curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal"?

  • Jenna Vega

    I thought it too :)

  • John Watson

    Well. I'm now a dinosaur hedgehog who ended all dinosaurs while being a plastic toy being played with and voiced by Wash? Wow. That's more confusing than time travel.

  • Zoe Kofonis

    anderson aint happy about dis

This poster shows the ancestral home of House Stark, Castle Winterfell, as well as their house motto "Winter is Coming", all framed by a howling direwolf. $15.00

Haha, I didn't watch Jim Parsons on SNL but now I'm thinking I should have! Love him :)