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I wish I had the time and talent to make a Steampunk outfit.

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funny meme YuGiOh Yu Gi Oh Yu-Gi-Oh Yu-Gi-Oh! Yugi yami Kaiba seto ...

The only thing I watched was supernatural today!

Great post on meeting characters -Meeting Characters can make your day and you can personalize your meeting with a character. Characters are always ready to pose for photos and sign autographs. Try asking them a few things and you could get a really great and memorable experience. Here are some ideas of what to say or ask the princesses:

  • amber couturier

    my girls brought pillow cases to be signed and the Fairies did a sack race with them. It was adorable

  • Lauren Plaisance

    I just got back from Disney World with a couple of my friends. We're all 20 and we turned into five year olds when we met characters. They do such an amazing job.

  • McKenzie M

    The characters are just the greatest. They really enhance the Disney experience!

  • Catie Kridler

    that face tho

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Dr Who coloring pages. Need to keep these for the Doctor Who Christmas party

Darth Vader Star Wars Painted Flower Pot by GingerPots on Etsy

Naruto 30 day challenge, Favorite Bijuu I have only really seen two so far so Kurama.

Soul Eater ~~ Take Stein something ELSE to dissect. You'll be okay, Maka and Crona.

iron man cosplay construction

Bioshock Infinite Vigors Bracelet, Gaming Jewelry, Video Games, Bioshock, Geeky Jewelry, Booker Dewitt, Vintage Jewelry, Elizabeth Comstock on Etsy, $16.50

I like that this shows how much of the Milky Way we've actually really looked at. There's so much out there we haven't found yet. This is why I love astronomy/cosmology

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The Legion of Art Nouveau Heroes - Princess Leia, Jabba, bikini, Alderaan, Star Wars / I love the Nouveau style art it gives it a more classy look to our comic posters

Toph hahahah miss this show... they should not have to note that she is blind, PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW THAT!!!!!!