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Pacific Rim Blueprints

I... But... He... OH MY GOODNESS!!! YES!!! I freaking love sci-fi fandoms because this is actually a valid theory and no one else would dare put so much thought into something like this.

Cool and Geeky Home Ideas That Think Outside the Box

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The Doctor + Rose Tyler

Dean with a phone with eyelashes that could kill and those luscious lips!

But... but i'm a New Yorker and Puerto Rican they don't match me..... I dont live on a farm Lol

Pacific Rim Jaeger

Yeah, although no guy has EVER hit on me for being a gamer... they tend to cringe in fear, actually.


[gifset] They don't want anything, just death and destruction for its own sake. Demons of #SPN

I think Ben looks warmer, younger and much more (deliciously) tender with his natural hair color....which is undoubtedly why he goes "black" when he goes "bad"!

The Legend of Korra: FASHION! lol(Sorry for the curse word it's just to dang funny not to pin.)

Gray -Fairy Tail. That's who I will cosplay. And yes, at comic con i will take off my shirt. maybe pants. maybe. Soul this is for you, my Natsu

This is what happens when you are in this fandom.