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"In a parallel universe where the last SPN finale doesn't hurt..." ||| Demon!Dean, Sam, and Castiel ||| Supernatural Fan Art by polyglotplatypus on Tumblr

I would like to see evidence of this, please.

Sweet Silence mug from Doctor who

The new and improved Crowley?<-- Something is going on with Crowley. Sam's blood still has some effect over him. He was chumin' it up with Demon Dean. His whole demon fleet is worried about him. He saves Cas out of the blue. He's planning something, probably won't work but there's something in the works.

What just happened?! Mark Ruffalo picked up Chris Hemsworth like it was no big deal and then Tom gives Mark a look like "no he's my brother" *gif*


Space Hulk Commission 2009/14

Hexvale Lego Cottage