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RESERVED 4 Gaston O. ............. ILLUMINATE TRIBAL Leggins handpainted. €50.00, via Etsy.

"Notice how Bucky is still pale and sickly looking from being experimented on. Now he's sitting *alone* with Steve, who saved him from all that. Peggy and the other girls pay him no attention anymore. Now he's just some ragtag soldier in the shadow of the great Captain America. But I don't think it was because Capt. was so great that he felt invisible. He felt different than before, but not because of anything that people could really see; just less confident, less *there*. But still smiling."

(49) a guide to deduction | Tumblr If they play golf often they'll also have tan lines on their fingers because they taped the hand that isn't gloved, to help prevent calluses. Isn't that right @Kam R Lane ? And you say that I'm not observant!

hetaoni. I just finished it last night and can I say,...... OH FUCKING HELL WHY WAS I GIVEN EMOTIONS?!?!

Hawkeye. Im sorry, i just really admire the fact she did a totally ba cosplay and didn't do the typical slutty version. THANK YOU!

This is a sad picture depicting Pearl Harbor by showing Japan stabbing America. Found on deviantART

Captain America, Black Widow, & Hawkeye with Stan Lee :)

I have seen every single one of these shows, but One Piece (Luffy), Fairy Tail (Natsu), and Bleach (Ichigo) are my favorites :)

Iron Man quotes from Avengers. They left out, "and I'm a huge fan of how you turn into a green rage monster."

Star Wars Symbols < I want to get one in honor of my dad, he loves starwars and I want one to represent him, I think one of these would work