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OMG I'm never going to unsee this, when I see those stupid "just girly things" pins LOL!!

Michael Turner: cover art by Turner

that legitimately hurt my feelings. --------It was hilarious until it wasn't.

Hahaha that's why. XD

Doctor Who - Imgur

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Bradley james | Rupert Young | Adetomiwa Edun | Tom Hopper #merlin #cast #knights

I always wondered how they could humanely fit in those balls.

Doctor and Rose.

There's a lot of death on this show...that's a lot of destroyed coke bottles...

Ant-man poster.

Sam why would you do that

Stephen Moffat and Russell T Davis mind melding

“Why Is Hazel Called Hazel?”

Why Benedict Cumberbatch is the perfect man...sigh... this is not helping at all at all click to read.

  • nadine white

    I love his curly hair

  • nadine white

    I love his curly hair

  • nadine white

    I love his curly hair

  • Eddy Carpenter

    Two words: Ginger sideburns!!! Ha love this man so much its disgusting !

  • Emma Williams

    He goes through so much between fans and paparazzi and he is still so polite and has a wonderful personality. Plus it doesn't hurt that he is extremely gorgeous! Love him as a person and an actor. I am but one cumbercookie in a giant cumberbatch!

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Nine and Rose Deleted Scene Hug GIF. Why did they delete this?! --> at first it looks like he is trying to go in for a kiss but at the last second decides to change it to a hug oh my god my feelings

"mum told me to put an angel on the tree" Buffy the Vampire Slayer Christmas