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OMG. I had two eevee's and I bred more from them, but didn't evolve them. I wanted them to be my two little eevee's and I didn't want them to change. I loved them the way they were. :3

  • Ryker Clayton

    i had 8 eggs, one for vaporeon, one for jolteon, one for flareon, one for glaceon, one for leafeon, still working out witch ones will be espeon and umbreon, but one is going to stay an eevee

  • Ryker Clayton

    plus you can breed anything with a ditto, unless its a legendary

One or two of these I actually like. Now I need my nerd girl buddies to wear these with me. Dibs on the Hulk!!

Game Of Thrones cast in real life. *violent weeping* They're so beautiful. Every last one of them.

Mass Effect Crew on vacation by ~Birdz on deviantART