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LIFT HEAVY WEIGHTS Lift More, Lose More Get stronger and burn more fat with this strength-training strategy

Core Knowledge: How to Get Flat Abs. Click on pic for article that explains science of abs and offers 9 tummy-toning exercises. :-)

  • Mona Sabrina

    One thing to remember when doing the exercises: keep your belly zipped inward and up! Doing core work while bracing your belly outward will build a "sourdough loaf." I'm willing to bet that you are more interested in having a flat "pita bread" tummy! ;-)

11 Poses for Beginners

Eat Right: The Ultimate Guide to Nuts [Infographic] | Greatist

Anytime your hands go above your head, your abs are forced to work. Add a dumbbell to the move, and they work harder. Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart and toes pointed slightly outward. Holding one heavier dumbbell with both hands. Sit back into your squat bending your knees to 90 degrees while keeping your elbows straight, and raise the weight overhead. Lower your arms as you straighten your knees to stand; this completes one rep. Do 15 reps for a set.

Blend a banana, 1 tbsp of peanut butter, 10 oz of milk and 6 ice cubes for a healthy breakfast you can easily take with you.

12 Eye-Opening Reasons Apple Cider Vinegar Should Be In Every Home

like i would actually run, LOL... but there are some really good songs on here

300 calorie breakfasts, 400 calorie lunches, 500 calorie dinners, and 150 calorie snacks. I want to try all of these recipes!

30-Day Squat Challenge: How to get to 200 squats in 30 days.... this one has you doing different variations so you can work different areas. Doing it!

Workouts to Go: Printable Posters: Working out on your own? Here are seven workout posters you can print out, throw in your gym bag or suitcase, and follow along with to make working out a breeze.

"Train muscles for pull-ups in only twelve weeks? I'm in! The best I can do right now is a dead hang, so I like the fact that these instructions are directed to true beginners like me."

Krups personal tea kettle: Tea addicts will love being able to make an entire 1-liter batch at once and keep it warm with this electric kettle. A water circulation system infuses loose or bagged tea for a perfect blend.