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Health & Fitness

The dancer's curl works your legs and abs. Click for the full Dancer's Body Workout!

Get Relief With an Icy Water Bottle. Thank you for this. I really need to start doing this.

I was starting to really enjoy running! Then I got pregnant and running with practically a basketball hanging off your torso isn't quite as fun!

8 Kettlebell Exercises (Thanks @Elizabeth Lucht for posting this. I just tried it. My bones hurt. Thanks a lot. )

Pilates Moves for a Strong, Sexy Back | Women's Health Magazine

It doesn't look like much, but if you hold it for a few minutes at a time, your lower back will become very strong! Tony Horton calls this Superman.

Shirts you like but are so stiff you'll never wear them? Here's a recipe to soften them up and create a "vintage tee" look and feel

Beat Stress: Emotional Eating Isn't Always Bad | Women's Health Magazine

rear-lat-raise.jpg targets back fat and that nasty bulge at the bra that looks like jiffy pop overflowing the pan

I just want to be home, a place where i find peace and comfort. Where beauty is everywhere you look and is natural. The air is crisp and fresh. The only sounds you hear are animals and leaves blowing in the trees. Where humanity thrives. I long for the feeling of home.... :-(