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THE BATAAN DEATH MARCH was a tragedy of epic proportions with 76,000 American and Filipino prisoners of war forcibly transferred, on foot, by the Imperial Japanese Army to Bataan.  Even as the American and Filipino troops repelled the Japanese for several months, they were forced to retreat to wait for supplies and reinforcements. But the Japanese had cut off all routes to the Philippines, preventing a rescue by U.S. Military and the troops were forced to surrender on April 4, 1942.

Advent calendar from Germany

Bust of Alexander the Great According to legend, following his death at age 32, Alexander the Great was interred in a glass coffin filled with honey. Honey never spoils and can act as a preservative.

This is a photo of the floor where a Buddhist monk stood for 20 years in prayer. This amazes me

Red Army soldiers taking a break somewhere along the Leningrad front, 1941