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The Runaways = they look like superheroes, ready to take on intergalactic baddies with their epic guitars + platforms.

decoupage table in comics. fun and colorful.

Fabulous Vintage Tole Tray with RED GERANIUMS

Frederick II of Denmark & Norway, spouse of Sophie of Mecklenburg-Gustrow, by Knieper or Lorck, 1581. Wooed Queen Elizabeth I. "Hot-headed, vain, courageous, and ambitious." Common belief was that he caroused himself to death, drinking and womanizing.

Lost for 1600 years the fabled city of Alexandria was lost – until just 16 years ago. The famed stage of historic interactions between Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Marc Antony and Octavius was lost under the water. The royal residences, as archeologists discovered, were slowly sent to the bottom of the sea after a series of earthquakes and tsunamis. The ancient Alexandria had over 500,000 residents and was known for its library with over 700,000 scrolls.

German motorcycle courier gets his machine fueled up. From the looks of both man and machine, the ride hasn't been easy, with mud being the primary problem. Lone couriers had one of the most dangerous jobs, often crossing hostile territory with only speed and a rifle or SMG for protection. Losses in their ranks was predictably heavy.