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St. Augustine City Gates in 1865

Dressing Room in The Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia. From 1732 to 1917, it was the official residence of the Russian monarchs.

1800s Photo of a Black Woman

She was my Hero! I loved Wonder Woman! I even had Wonder Woman Under-Roos! LOL

mourning Princess Diana ~ Our newspaper simply said, "We Lost Her."

Paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne Division, 1st Allied Airborne Army, landing during a practice jump over an airfield in Sissonne, France, 14 March 1945.

Grandfather writes letter to his daughter after she kicks out his gay grandson…

800 mm super heavy rail gun Dora Adolf Hitler (Center), Albert Speer (left) and other dignitaries arrived at the site at Rugenwalde (now Darłowo, Poland), where they were represented the 800 mm super heavy rail gun Dora (80-cm-Kanone (E) and the prototype of the SAU SD. Kfz. 184 ' Ferdinand '. Rugenwalde, march 19th 1943

Olive, age 6

John Hancock, one under apreciated man in history, not only signed the decleration of independence, but was the only delegate whose name apperared on the first copy, and was the only person publicly affiliated with the treasonous document until a second was issued six months later. He risked his life for this country, and deserves more than what he has ever gotten.

The oldest footprint ever found, Kenya, one million five hundred thousand years old!

ww2 • paratrooper "That's dedication." KB

When I had my appendix out in 4th grade we made these in the hospital. For my 3 or 4 day stay. Now if you have your appendix out you can leave the same day! Progress

The importance of parachute day: 50 pictures that will make you relive growing up in the 80's/early 90s

Bewitched is my favorite television show. Elizabeth Montgomery was so cute as Samantha. I used to practice twitching my nose just in case!

Here we present an historic image of a Navaho Indian Hogan. It was taken in 1905 by Edward S. Curtis. The image shows a traditional Native American Dwelling. We have created this collection of images primarily to serve as an easy to access educational tool. Contact curator@old-pictu....

Bruising from lightning strike

  • Lori Jean

    Do you know if this was WWII or WWI? I'm guessing WWI because of the heavy racism slant.

  • Julie Stanton Welch

    This is a strange one. Was it supposed to get blacks to buy war bonds by portraying them as cartoon stereotypes and maybe implying they'd get better tips when soldiers came home? I dont get it.

  • Lori Jean

    I don't get it either. I thought it was WWII b/c of the clothing of the couple. Yet, the cartoon stereotype of the black porter appalls me, esp when we had brave black men serving overseas!

GIs being moved into the Ardennes, 1944

The Fotomat- the only place to take your film.

I remember how magical it was that the juice and milk disappeared...where did it go?!

Nerds cereal. I remember eating this as a kid... as an adult, it just sounds gross! #80s

Nephilim Watchers and Giants video