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People knew how to say goodbye in those good ole days! #Kisses #Vintage Photos

  • Andrea Rodriguez

    probably because they didnt have e-mail, or webcams, or cellphones.. just saying =]

  • amanda tomalty

    and more than likely this was a good bye on their way to war

  • Lynda

    Oh, I think if you see the goodbyes between soldiers going off to war today and their wives or girlfriends, you'll see nothing is much different except for the mode of transportation.

  • Virginia ("Ginn") Pulver

    Lydia: I was the military member for 22 years and my husband was the one kissing me goodbye...♥ - Ginn

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GOLDEN SANDALS belonging to King Tut of Egypt (made ​​of inlaid wood, bark and gold damask)

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Home perms:( Ugh, the memories, the 'STINK', the kinks, & always right before school pictures!!

July 7, 1865. "Washington, D.C. Hanging hooded bodies of the four conspirators; crowd departing." Lincoln assassination conspirators Mary Surratt, Lewis Payne, David Herold and George Atzerodt shortly after their execution at Fort McNair

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"The famous Weerdinge men after their discovery in 1904: In a time long before modern forensic science, the local constabulary decided to transfer the soggy cadavers to the nearest morgue in a very peculiar fashion. They rolled up the bodies of the two men like human scrolls, wrung them out, and stuffed them into a box."

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Red River (1948) - John Wayne, Montgomery Clift, Joanne Dru - I love a good Western, and this is one of the best ever made. Yes, it's Hollywood-issue, tailored for the era, but it has John Wayne, Montgomery Clift and a stampede. Who could ask for more?

First Officer Maureen Dunlop, one of the ferry pilots of the Air Transport Auxiliary, pictured in September 1944