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vintage 70's fisher price car parking garage toy - we had one. My favorite part was the car elevator.

First African American Girl Scout Troop, ca. late 1930s

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Dashing, tuesday-johnson: ca. 1850’s, [daguerreotype portrait of a young man] via Live Auctioneers, Be-hold

She did the unthinkable—divorcing the powerful leader of the Mormon Church, a man labeled a “living prophet” who was believed to speak directly with God. But Ann Eliza Young could not tolerate her position as “Wife No. 19” to Brigham Young, and in her rebellion, she exposed the horrors of polygamy. She was born Ann Eliza Webb on September 3, 1844, in Nauvoo, Illinois, a settlement founded by Mormons.

WATCH: Soda Lovers Rejoice — This LA Shop Puts Coke and Pepsi to Shame

Princess Diana And Prince William

Picadilly Circus , London. Just look at the old cars and brand logos on the sides of the buildings!


homemade gobs from Johnstown, Pa. definitely NOT whoopie pies.

Antique Cage Wasp Waist Mannequin - Tattered Love

Simon Says was "electronic", but you have to agree that it was a blast! The lights and the noises it made.... It was absolutely fantastic! It was such an incredible toy. We would also have competitions to see who had the best memory....

The Jersey shore circa 1905. "On the beach at Ross' pavilion, Ocean Grove, N.J." Short of tuxes and ballgowns, it's hard to imagine being any more dressed up at the beach. Detroit Publishing Company.

Mousetrap Game - this game took so long to set up and had so many pieces to it.

:::::::::::: Antique Photograph :::::::::::: Beautiful picture of loving Mother and Child.

Adjustable Birthing Chair, c. 1750 onwards. Childbirth is made more comfortable for the mother by the adjustable seat, back and arms of the chair. Made from wood, padded leather and iron. The seat shape allows a clear route for the emerging baby and access for those assisting the birth. The chair is also known as a parturition chair. They were used from ancient times until the 1800s. The grooved parts on the bottom of the frame were used as leg rests, and for support and to press against.

The Nephilim Chronicles: Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley: Prehistoric Battlefield Yields 100,000 Giant Neanderthal Looking Skulls in Kansas

What we had instead of iPods in the 80's - I had one almost identical

Nephilim Baby's Mummified Remains Discovered in Africa