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Plantation Negros - Photograph of Beaufort, South Carolina. Group of negroes on J.J. Smith's plantation. It was created in 1862 by O'Sullivan, Timothy H., 1840-1882.

I don't think Bernard was liked very much...I think Mrs. Bernard got in the last word...

Bubble Umbrella (circa 1970s). innrømmer at jeg fremdeles er litt på utkikk etter en slik paraply: syntes de var fasinerende - og glamorøse - da jeg var liten

French,circa 1910, 10" x 17" card. A heavy cardboard presentation card with rose paper backing and decorative borders is fitted with an assortment of sewing materials and tools including threads,sample cards,bone tools,scissors,pins,and more,along with an all-bisque doll with glass eyes and mohair wig,silk dress and high blue painted stockings,presumably the doll for which a trousseau would be made. For Parisian Au Louvre department store,the card of rose-tipped pins is labeled "Louvre".

We have always known Mother Teresa as an old wrinkled woman. This is a pic of a beautiful 18 year old Mother Teresa.

Marie Therese, daughter, and only surviving child, of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI of France, Duchess of Angouleme, Dauphine, and for twenty minutes between two abdications in 1830, Queen of France.

Designing Women: watched reruns of this whenever I was sick and then the next day would try to copy the lady's wardrobes. I thought they were so stylish!

My daughter is a 6th grade social studies teacher. She is always trying to find creative ways to engage the kids.

"Ergot is derived from a fungus and it was used by midwives and doctors in the 1800s to promote contractions in birthing women. Directions on this bottle state the content was only to be used under medical supervision. Ergot also stopped bleeding after childbirth, but was also a traditional remedy to induce abortions."

Alexandria, Virginia. Slave pen. Interior view. It was taken between 1861 and 1865.

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, Chicago Suburbs, Illinois | The 14 Absolute Creepiest Places To Visit In The United States

Archeologists in Siberia have found several elongated skulls in the forest. They’re from the 4th century A.D. Some people believe that the most likely explanation was that ancient communities deliberately deformed the skulls of infants, possibly with the intention of increasing their mental abilities.