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1980's California Raisins MiniFigurines. Will always remind me of my grandma,, love you!

This foot bridge crosses the Bluestone River in Bramwell WV. It connected to a piece of land where Coal Baron I.T. Mann built his children a 'small' playhouse. This playhouse was larger than many people's homes!

"Qin Shi Huang remains a controversial figure in Chinese history. After unifying China, he passed a series of major economic and political reforms. He undertook gigantic projects, including the first version of the Great Wall of China (which the kids encountered in THE BLACK BOOK) the now famous city-sized mausoleum guarded by a life-sized Terracotta Army, and a massive national road system, all at the expense of numerous lives. To ensure stability, Qin Shi Huang outlawed and burned many books.

The Morgan County Ohio Historical Society

An exceptional North Italian etched blued and gilt full armour for the field, signed POMPE and attributed to the workshop of Pompeo della Cesa, circa 1585-1595. The entire armour etched with a series of bands filled with complex designs of trophies-of-war involving fantastic beasts, alternating with bands of interlaced strapwork terminating in foliage and punctuated by ovals framing Classical warriors, figures from Roman mythology,

I adore her wide brimmed bonnet and the layers of lace poking out of the bottom of her sleeves. So gorgeous!

Post-mortem photography

Luther “Yellowstone” Kelly ... earned his moniker during the 1870s and 80s exploring/trapping and scouting for the army in the Yellowstone River basin. Very intelligent and well read, it was not uncommon for Kelly to quote Shakespeare as he went about his business.

Now, this is terrifying! A bottle of Bayer's 'Heroin'. Between 1890 and 1910 heroin was sold as a non-addictive substitute for morphine... It was also used to treat children suffering with a strong cough.

The milkman's off to war. 1943

1990s tv shows | discovery channel and that funky ass 1990 s tv series

Pair of Earrings Culture: Phoenician Medium: Gold over bronze Dates: 6th century - 5th century B.C.E.

Her Royal Highness Princess Estelle of Sweden, Duchess of Östergötland. Princess Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary was born on February 23, 2012. She is the first child of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel and the oldest grandchild of the King and Queen.

New York circa 1912. "West Street (11th Avenue) north from 26th, view of Hudson River." As well as the Chelsea Piers and fluttering banner atop the Otis Elevator building. 8x10 glass negative, Detroit Publishing Co. |

Hanna-Barbera Calendar, 1978 with the Super Friends

Prince Philip with his mother, Princess Alice of Greece, who had a breakdown and became a nun

George Washington-01st of the 18th Century Presidents and the first of America