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Beginning in the mid-1800's, it was thought to mentally damage children to make them go into full mourning, so many families chose to just have children (boys under 16 and girls under 18) to just wear small black ribbons on their clothes or ribbon bands on their arms. -- The Thanatos Archive // Sisters wearing mourning bands.

Today is 27 January 2014, The International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Not to be confused with Yom Hashoah. Today, I remember Irena Sendler and all the children she saved.

Vampire Hunter's Colt - Our GOTD just so happens to be the ultimate sidearm for any vampire hunter… This Colt .38 Special Detective revolver is fitted within a coffin-shaped ebony case that holds holy water, a mirror, a wooden stake, and essential silver bullets cast in the shape of miniature vampire heads. This silver plated revolver includes an elaborate gothic engraving by Francolini, featuring bats on the cylinder, a cross at the muzzle, and a rampant colt on a coffin. And vampires beware!

Cyndi Lauper, 80s music and fashion icon. I preferred her to Madonna (and still do!)

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Golda Meir: first female Prime Minister of Israel.

Tattooed Sideshow lady photographed for National Geographic [1931]

Claudette Colvin. Nine months before Rosa Parks’ famous bus boycott, Colvin at 15 refused to give up her seat to a white passenger. She was inspired to stand up for her rights after learning about African American leaders in school. Civil rights leaders didn't publicize her story because she became an unwed mother.

Christmas smiles 1912... they were so content on receiving so very little. What a special time!

Holborn Oasis, swimming pool in London, 1955

German Tiger I tank captured in Tunisia, on display at Horse Guards Parade in London, 18 November 1943.

1944. Baldwin County, Georgia. "Former slave cabin, Milledgeville vicinity."

Old West Saloon....Colorado

Picture-taker writes, "This photo was taken in the attic at my workplace (a restaurant which used to be a house and a theater). There are quite a few close encounters by the staff with ghosts in the last 10 years.....but now, finally, we have captured something on film. We believe this to be a shadow ghost that is haunting the restaurant where I work."

Assiniboine Indians by orping, via Flickr

Family portrait,ROYAL İRAN by Playing By Heart, via Flickr

Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered around 8 million mummified animals at a dog catacomb near Cairo.

Prince Harry & Prince William

Gettysburg Address

  • Kelly Waterson

    Hard to believe this wasn't as well received as it is today. It goes down in history as one of the most beautiful and inspiring speeches. I think he was amazing.

American heritage chocolate drink - created from a handcrafted authentic colonial recipe.