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Little girl picking out a new coloring book at the bookstore. The comic stands were similar. Comic books were our cartoons Days gone by. Look at how she is dressed. What dignity!

Queen Elizabeth I was a user of ceruse, a mixture of white lead and vinegar that was applied to the face to make the skin appear paler. It is widely believed the queen died of blood poisoning at the age of 70 in 1603, possibly caused by the noxious 'Mask of Youth'.

Sword, mid-1st century b.c.; Late Iron Age (La Tène) Celtic Iron blade, copper alloy hilt and scabbard.

Japanese Pavilion interior, Seattle World's Fair, 1962

"You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass." -Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto, The Imperial Japanese Navy

Thurston Hopkins - London, 7th August, 1954

The Runes (Elder Futhark)

80s toys and games | Operation #90's kid #board games | 80s 90s toys are the bestest!!

Dresden Germany, WWII and now. The bombing here during WWII was horrific. Allied bombers and Dresden's people were all victim's of Hitler's madness!

IKEA is developing flat-pack refugee housing. Prototypes would be distributed by the UN.

A Forgotten Heroine: Civil rights activist Daisy Bates fought to dismantle Arkansas’ segregation laws.

America owes a debt of remembrance to all the thousands of men and women who served to protect the country against their determined enemies of any war. In spite of the danger and their own traumas — psychological and physical — they fought on. To remember their sacrifices is to honor them.

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two - two - two mints in one

Cheapside Hoard, in 1912 a woman living in a house in Cheapside, London found beneath the floorboards the largest collection of Tudor jewels ever found

Blackwork Motif Alphabet

Italian Mother and Child, Ellis Island, New York, 1905, by Lewis Wickes Hine

L-R: Unidentified man (Oglala), unknown, Iron Tail (Oglala), William F. Cody (aka Buffalo Bill) in Italy - circa 1888

Robert Todd Lincoln's son Abraham "Jack" Lincoln II in 1878

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