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20 Cute and Easy Hairstyle Ideas and Tutorials

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Pioneer Woman's cinnamon toast... Had this for breakfast this morning, best cinnamon toast I have ever had!

  • Pia Fabb

    Yeah I know that feeling. And until now I still get nervous when they judge but I try. I just understand those people who will always be conscious of other peoples' judgment and criticism. It's not easy to not care.. But yea you're right :)

  • Erin

    Pia, you are so very sweet to have empathy for those who are still under the weight if other ppl's judgement. I bet your friends are incredibly lucky to have you!

  • Coby

    I remind myself that those who judge are hiding their own insecurities but probably don't realize that. But I still get nervous, probably a symptom that I'm not as confident as I would like to be.

  • Erin

    That's a very good sign of personal growth, @Coby

  • Chrissie Tierney

    I'm learning as I grow as a person -- to realize there will always be people like that in life. People you even felt you could trust! Let it go or it will definitely take hold of what you need to do for yourself to make you happy. People like that don't belong in your life -- or if they do --from a distance. I'm still growing and trying to make myself stronger. That is what you need to do for you!! Just keep your head up and go....

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boxes into snowman Christmas wrapping great way to wrap a few presents for the same person

Illustration (11.8.13) + Good color scheme + Awesome details + Illustrations are unified by their simplicity, few colors, & slight shadow beneath each one + Repetition with background color

Fresh Apple Cake. I make this often every fall. The recipe is always requested!!

window treatment. Under The Table and Dreaming: Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas & Inspiration {blinds, shades, valances, curtains, drapery and more}

  • olga guerrero

    I like the style but not the fabric...

  • emily ellis

    these would be perfect for the window over the washer and dryer. Looks like they would slide easily to open and close while leaning precariously over the machines.

  • gail lazarczyk

    possible style for kitchen

Number sign with built in planter (and solar light) for the end of the driveway. I love this.. now I need a bigger yard.

What to wear to a Great Gatsby party 1920 costume flapper Halloween

My favorite was winter and summer... Love the last of us... So good tlou

  • G

    My friend I have been playing it recently and omg I love it. She beat it before me but I'm like 75% done. Makes you sad like 10 minutes in and your sitting there like " Why!?" Lol I was at least.

  • Uroš Grandovec

    I like winter the most, despite what happens then

to the sea: Fit Pregnancy: Second and Third Trimester Workout Routines

one of my favorites. fresh. summery.

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Bald Eagles they fly around the locks and ferry's in the St Louis Missouri area on the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers in the winter time