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Fun and Easy Kickboxing Workout (great intro for beginners)

Love this! Concert outfit

For two little girls that want to share a room.

  • Holly Vallandingham

    This is exactly what we are wanting to do with our daughter's room, but we want the beds higher with a ladder in between so we can put 3 or 4 drawer dressers under each bed!

ZETA TAU ALPHA Painted Canvas // Lil Wayne by CustomCanvasesByCase, $15.00

shabby chic style I LOVE mirrors but don't want them all over the house. This is great!

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I have always wanted angel wings tattoo. I want to get small angel wings and something else.....very meaningful to me

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100 calorie double fudge banana muffins. tastes like a super rich brownie!

Virginia Beach! ~ When I was younger, we would get to the beach REALLY early just so we could see this first thing each morning. I miss living in VA.

Sleep three children in the corner of this room and save space with the Studio Triple Corner Loft Bed.

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Blessing bags for the homeless | Blair Blogs You could use bar soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc from hotels!

  • Patty Xombie

    if you re going to give them pudding cups you need to give them utensils. I suggest gloves and socks.

  • Em Fox

    You can totally make a little scoop from the kid of a pudding cup- I never dirty up a utensil for one!

  • Anna Davis

    Our local Easter seals/goodwill has packets with lists off places that help those in need...I think it's a great resource to give out.

...And for when you are not those things. | 26 Essential Cats For Every Occasion

Doing this in a theater room instead of big individual chairs would make for a much more enjoyable movie experience.

should have typed my thesis on this

  • Skinner Poet

    You may not be able to get this exact one, but if you just check out some random antique shops you could easily find a typewriter. I found mine for only $30, and have seen others being sold for even less!

This is actually terrifying

Reversible valences.... an interesting idea. Seems it would also require less fabric than many other valence styles.

turquoise and coral wedding | Bride To Be Fitness: Coral & Turquoise Wedding Inspiration

Nothing is impossible with God object lesson idea. Good illustration for Sunday School or childrens church

  • Amy Longeteig

    Ditto what Valerie said! Don't tell lies to your children, people!

  • Lisa Hall

    Not only did God make everything, He established the natural laws and is in control. That is the lesson.

  • Valarie Schuette

    If this imaginary person/entity you refer to as "God" is in control of everything, then why all the disaster and innocent lives lost? Just sayin...

  • Antha

    Valarie, while I agree with you, we have to look into the perspective of others. In this case, she is teaching a religious lesson in a religious classroom, not an accredited school (thank heavens...). She's trying to teach children in her (I'm assuming sunday school class?) about the dogmatic principles of her religion. There's nothing wrong with that in and of itself. She's just not doing a good job... Unfortunately, Lisa Hall is a little too thick to make that connection...

  • Valarie Schuette

    Lol.. Well said.

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bonfire party ideas | ... with other things mixed in (Shelby gives ideas in the post below