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Pink Realtree AP Camo Engagement Band. OMG! Why?!?! It's not even cute in pink!! Stop it! STOP IT!

  • Chelsea Hyman

    Unless youre gonna hunt pink flamingos dont use pink camo for anything

  • Tina Vogt

    You're ignorant lol. You don't wear camo to match the animal you're hunting. Unless you're hunting a turkey you can use pink camo. Get your facts straight before you go looking like an idiot.

  • Juliana Diaz

    I mean I personally don't like pink camo but I don't have a problem with it and I like the ring... When I first saw it it looked like a rock so something to me

  • Ilana Stern

    I meant to add the don't.You don't Mach the color of the animal your hunting

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Omg I remember these from nursing school!! I actually think I still have them!!

the best love is the one that makes you a better person, without changing you into someone other than yourself


FOR. REAL. There are not enough raspberries on the planet to make those shakes taste good.

softball shirt; couldn't tell you the number of times I've said this going through the line!!!

  • Keya Shial

    every game ever

  • Madison Sears

    It's more good game 5 times, then you step on one girls foot with your soccer cleat! Then continue with good game!

  • Madison Sears

    Because that's the girl who elbowed you and only you got in trouble

  • Sarah Dreska

    i dont like this!!! people should have great sportsmanship!!! i would never do this and i never have!!

  • Genevieve Idell

    I'm in volleyball and there is always that one person who is mad they lost.

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Snow White by SaintPrecious

This totally and completely explains an aversion group projects.