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Animals with their babies

And it was like nothing else in the world mattered, as long as you had Groot. | For Everyone Who Has An Intense Emotional Connection With Groot

Battle of the Network Stars 1977. I thought this was the coolest thing ever.*

You have been warned, world: 29 Gloriously Hilarious Ways To Use The Poop Emoji

Flour Stencil on Artisan Bread at Bricco Panetteria- just tried this last night, it is DIVINE!!!!

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 89 Pics

This is why I need a hedgehog

She is just awesome!

I don't even know what to say to this

Whenever I have to be social…FML FML

Do-it-yourself home decor tips (from your cat)

  • Elizabeth Grace

    Believe it or not but my damn cat has murdered five lamps in the last 11 months!!

Some Cake Bakers Are Very Creative

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Matthew Gray Gubler ♥ I love him for his nerdy awkwardness

Archangel Michael Holy Card by pocketfullofmiracles on Etsy

Love Is cartoons by Kim Casali ... I remember watching for these and cutting them out of the paper

Lol, I have to really concentrate when I say either of those words because sometimes the wrong word comes out of my mouth!

Hahaha too true