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My... My heart...THIS IS NOT OKAY!!!!!!

  • Morella Almann

    Couldn't he live by the north mountain?

  • Mya Cesar

    Idk but it hurt

  • Mya Cesar

    Wait maybe they are at the north mountain but the Ice Castle is melting because Elsa's powers are gone

  • Morella Almann

    But the ice harvest people were harvesting ice before Elsa had discovered her powers, I think.

  • Mya Cesar

    Well I guess but Elsa made Olaf and the Ice Castle so I guess all the stuff she made had to die with her

31 Hey Girl Memes That Only Mormon Girls Will Understand. Click on it because it is hilarious

Omg too funny I had to read it over like 3 times!

I like how there's Loki, saying 'You will kneel before me', and then there's Thor in the next square, saying 'He's adopted.'

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Selene - Underworld Awakening

How I feel when Ares jumps into my lap or lays directly on top of me to sleep or cuddle. He thinks he is 20 pounds, not 60

And Loki has a serious Gob complex. | 21 Fandom Mashups That Are Impossibly Perfect This really sums up their relationship, I will say. XD