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Meg [Hercules] Dean [Supernatural] comparison lol I find it accurate enough || I find it funny we can relate anything to Supernatural

Merida is me...Bahaha

Fan art someone gave Tom Hiddleston.

so true, so true...LOL!

And now I wait...

Parenting done right.

Are we alone...? I think not...but are aliens visiting the planet and doing experiments on our people and animals - again - I think not. Why travel light years to disembowel a cow? If beings came within our solar system and saw how screwed up we were...would they really risk coming down, getting killed, experimented on, having their ship taken by governments, inciting war and .... see how much of a wasted effort it would be? I'd pass us right on by too.

This scene is a punch in the feels… Jim FINALLY says what we've all been waiting for... then Pam breaks all of our hearts! :( But we still love her (so does Jim) She didn't mean to do it...

Hahaha Loki

It's like being wrapped in a dark and starry night. Valentino.

38 Tumblr Threads Of Absolute Random Hilarity [Gallery] : The Lion's Den University

Every single time.

Megara and Hercules. i love how he holds her like she's his own little doll

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