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Illustrations & Posters

Map Look Dev by Victor Vasiljev, via Behance

i love the flowers, if only i could find a tattoo artist that talented..

Map Look Dev by Victor Vasiljev, via Behance

face 5 by Paola Bazz, via Behance

Map Look Dev by Victor Vasiljev, via Behance

IN THE BOX : The Build of a Beach Container House. IN THE BOX focuses on this Custom Container House by ADM Storage; using 6, 40ft Hi-Cubes at an avg. cost of $1500 - $2000 a piece, yielding a $200,000+ Beach House for under $80,000 or even $50,000 depending what you put into it.

The Fiery 4 Pack features four unique spicy flavored jelly spreads to be used in sauces, sandwiches, and cooking. Oversize corks convey the bottled heat each jar contains. The handle can be used to comfortably carry the jars in the same way you would a briefcase or six-pack of beer. The rubber band sits very snugly and allows NO slip of the bottles. ♦ by Nicholas Weltyk, via Behance

Nokia Info-graphics Book by Socio Design , via Behance portfolio idea

Visuel identitet til kinesisk fashionbrand | Re-public

Icons (Everday Things) by Kevin Moran, via Behance

My husband needs to see this so he knows I am not alone in my morning ritual!

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