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Illustrations & Posters

Bêtes de Mode by Helmo Great artwork series by french duo Helmo, aka Thomas Couderc and Clément Vauchez. The project was created for the Lafayette Galleries, in Paris.

Digital Illustrations by Danar Worya

Flow is something that happens once mastery occurs. It's having an equal balance between being challenged and then matching it with ones own abilities. In teaching, it's matching up more difficult material for students with their learning abilities.

APC Construction - branding and webdesign by Martin Wisniewski, via Behance

Summercamp Store on Behance

Consumers are like sheep, meaning that they easily follow what they see or are told. The boy in this picture acts as the consumer, and the men act as the marketing that the consumers willingly imitate. By promoting advantages of their product, pointing out flaws of competing products, and playing off consumers' fears, marketers are able to "lead" their "sheep."