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"Rock Climb- don't know who you are, but lets get married." I had to pin this because of the hilarious comment.

Listen to people when they are angry, because that is when the real truth comes out.

Best compass that I'm aware of. Has more functionality than I'd ever need, I really like the reference cards that are under the rubber sleeve on the bottom. Great instructions on orienteering. If you're a bushwacker and don't stick to the beaten path this is a rugged high quality precise instrument that won't let you down.

post with lots of pics of super cute vintage trailers. I must have one!

Make crescent rolls over the campfire. | 41 Camping Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

We have the Jet Boil system and it is great! Super quick cooking and light packing. Get the coffee press! You can go wrong. Jet Boil FluxRing Cooking Pot 2014

STRAWBALE CONSTRUCTION.. complete DVD instruction 99USD -- Benefits of the Sunset Cottage: • It’s size falls within most building codes “NO PERMIT REQUIRED“ • Costs only about 7,500.oo to build 11″x17″ BLACK LINE PLANS

The ULTIMATE Camping Guide. Just wait until you see the yummy recipes, clever organization, handy apps, fun activities, genius tips, and must-have gadgets.

Getting ice is always a problem or inconvenience. This will show you how to make Polar Bear tubes for your cooler.

Make solar camp lanterns out of mason jars and solar disks. (directions after the jump) -Camping Hacks

Tips for camping in the fall, from keeping warm to preserving your gear - tips great for any camping trip because you never know when that trip may end up colder than you think! - Good ideas for camping near the ocean also

tiny house on wheels... from the tiny house blog

Witches Childs Prayer by ~minimissmelissa on deviantART

[scamp] step by step renovation photos on this flickr group

Into the Mystic, Appalachian Trail, Virginia - The Best Travel Photos

KEEP CALM AND ENJOY CAMPING. . . makes a big difference ( :

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