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Blanket or sleeping bag wont fit a the bottom? Adjust the straps on top and put it there. Just might work!

Foam head from the craft store, and cheese cloth! Glue the cheesecloth to the face to define the features, and hot glue fishing line to the head. So spoooooky! Definitely doing this this year!

Cowboys and Chuckwagon Cooking : Chuck Wagon Recipes

This is an EXCELLENT and easy to learn skill! My mom used to fry fish whole, and this often left them RAW in the thickest parts---YUCK! How to filet a fish.

Recycling Plastic Bottle Water Filter

Tree-stump grilling. This is cool. We did this all the time in Germany. I t is called the swedish fire log. pour and soak for a few days or weeks. then when you need it start it on fire and you have a fire log that last for hours. we did this in the snow when we had parties or people over to keep warm.

REI Double Sleeping Bag. Great idea for couples camping trips! Just make sure you have separate air mattresses underneath otherwise you'll roll into him all night and wind up with an achy everything the next morning!!

Viking Camp Bushcraft - Bushcraft USA Forums ------ Really cool style of tent for both sleep and shaded lounge space - even if it is early period.

Renault Motorhome. It's official...I'm in love with an inanimate object ! My first car was a Renault! - so hope this runs better!

Genius. Homemade hammock hangs above the front seats. Sturdy enough for children to sleep on or store gear.

Hang coiled hoses from nylon velcro straps Tons of trailer organizing ideas

Tarahumara Pack | I use this pack for smaller hiking/camping trips.. ( have you noticed i'm a backpack slut)