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I wanna go deep sea fishing and catch one of these bad boys!

Kayak Storage - maybe one day I'll give in and hang one in my bedroom, who needs ceiling space anyways.

Glow-in-the-dark Drinks. What a cute idea for kids when you are at a late night picnic. Wait - we are going to a movie in the park tonight! #fun

Hobo Packs ( cooking in the fire) great for camping or cooking on a fire pit.. MAKE MEMORIES!!!! KIDS LOVE DOING THIS!!!!

Serge Dogtag Knife // ML: Yes, put one of these in those "Dog Kits" so when he (your best friend) finds you, you'll get one usefull tool... of course, there's also, a tiny water filter, wound instant glue, 1 or 2 bars of energy, etc, etc.

Wacky Worm rig. I was skeptical when I heard how well this lure works. It looks like something a five year old would do. However, I was livid when I tried it and they hit over and over. I have wasted years tying rigs.

Fresh colors with vintage feel make this low brow luxury camping experience such a retreat. I love this little gal.

There are some fabulous products at this site (around 32) Great ideas for campers, tailgaters, picnic-ers, etc. Camping Bed Tent - Brilliant! Just brilliant! I want this!

rv storage ideas | RV Storage Building Plans - How to Choose the Right Garage Plan

Canned Biscuit Campfire Doughnuts... More things to eat after dinner, besides SMORES...