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Whale-Tail Measuring Cups

This would prevent those "ring-down-the-drain" scenarios

If you want to have a sultry side swept bang but don't want to pay the high prices at the salon, this video is exactly what you need. Learn how to cut and style your very own side swept layered bangs at home.

Living in a suite this fall? Check out this awesome guide to making healthy dinners for four - and spending only 40 dollars a week doing it! A must-read if you plan on relying on dorm cooking for most meals.

  • Cat Mac

    ^^^ agreed. A roaster chicken is at least $8-10.00. Sausage,= 6.00. Bag of potatoes 3.79, at least, roaster chicken =8.00 at least, not including veggies. Crazy. I think we should move to where you are!!!

  • kat ruggiero

    OMG I know....I spend .90 for a lemon..One lemon. A pound of ground turkey is 10.00...I don't look at prices much I buy what we need. It's just my husband and I. I buy all fresh farmstand when possible. I never buy processed foods ever. I know it cost s more but it's healthier. We dont eat red meat or dairy and it average cost is 250.00 for the week

  • Jennifer Hollesen

    I live in central cali - and these food prices are spot on... And holy moly! .90 cents for one lemon!!! Guess I am thankful to live in the center of all the ag produced for the world

  • Jackie Michele

    I am really wondering where you live. I live in West Phoenix and these prices are not far off. I have never in my life spent $10 on one chicken and I think people are crazy for doing that.

  • kat ruggiero

    I live on Long Island NY. Its a beautiful place to live but one of the most expensive in the countrd. You may may think it's crazy but that is the price price..If you want a free range organic be prepared to pay in the 20.00s. Everything is expensive here there's no choice

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I have my tragus pierced. Have also had my cartilage, nose and lip pierced. Was gutted wen I had to take out my lip piercin to remove my tonsils

On the right is Thirty-One's New Square Storage Bin next to our Deluxe Utility Tote. This product is huge and will store so many toys, clothes etc.

Pocket Pillow, Pillow Beverage Holder, Man Cave Pillow | Solutions - lol for Justin's "man cave" in the basement

Tales Of The Arabian Nights Ken by farmspeedracer, via Flickr

Cream Cheese Brownie Cookies...simple fudgy cookies made with brownie mix!