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Love Wallpapers For Her With Good Morning

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Yes, I have. At the young age of 13, 14, and 15 I had a problem of cutting my arms to try to cover the pain that I felt on the inside, and to let people see that I was hurting. God help me over come that, though, and I am forever thankful to Him for saving me!

  • Brandy Willis

    The devil told her that even God didn't love her, but there were so many people praying for her and she is now set free from the enemy's lies and his hold he had on her and she is now embracing God. You can do the same thing, too! :)

  • Lily Midgett

    I'm a Christian and I think it's stupid that you're forcing your religion on us. so just stop.

  • Brandy Willis

    @Lily Midgett......if you don't like what I have to say, then don't read my comments or follow me on Pinterest or look at my pins. Nobody told you to even comment on this pin or even look at this pin. For you to be a christian, you sure don't sound one. What christian doesn't want to talk about Jesus and His love for us??? Do you even try to lead people to Christ??

  • Larissa Dean

    @lilyMigett thank you for telling @brandyWillis to STFU

  • Mike Klock

    @BrandyWillis I'm a Christian and I used to be a deep cutter like you. Through God he has helped me overcome cutting. I'm thankful for his forgiveness when I do fall short and cut. Stay strong Sweetie! Don't listen to the negativity they say. All we can do for them is pray. :)

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So who is to blame for the Lack of Progress? Who has cost us tax payers millions of dollars when they shut down the Government? Hmmmm, Lets Decide....

  • Barb Vogds

    There Has Been Alot Of Obstruction by the Right Wing With Their Jealousy and Hate for Our President. A Do Nothing Congress Is No Accident. It Was A Plan....... Hmmm, lets discuss these and many other problems. I blame the voters who voted for the “Tea Potty”! If I’m wrong, tell me. If you agree, let me know.

this is my self harm jar: when anyone reblogs/pin this picture I will add your url/ @ name into the jar and I promise I will not cut for the amount of notes it gets. Every time I feel the urge to do so I will pull out a name and message you thanking you for keeping me strong. Right now I have 0 names in it THIS IS NOT MY PICTURE BUT I AM DOING THIS❤❤ I know what she's going through. Please re-pin to show your support! ♥

Funny Cry for Help Ecard: And here is a picture of the social life of someone with chronic pain. Just fascinating, isn't it?

I have realized this so much over the past year! We have been through so much Mom that I sometimes wonder how we have done it, but we had each other! We are such strong people and we only grow stronger and better each and everyday! Without you I would not be alive today, you are the best Mom EVER!

Our worst fault is our preoccupation with the faults of others. How and why it's important we stand apart and be less judging and more loving.

Marilyn Monroe Quotes About Love and Life

The Pretty Reckless (✖).

Wise Words: Seth Godin, “But what if I fail?” | A better question might be, "after I fail, what then?" || via design work life