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Honestly felt this way when Matt picked me up for our first date. Heart skipped a beat. Stomach fluttered. All that stuff you read about ♥

It's nice having someone to talk to all the time. Not literally every second of the day but throughout it. Just having someone you can talk to takes away your boredom. Just to talk about how things went that day, or what you plan to do later. It's such an amazing feeling to know that someone genuinely wants to talk to you. - Word

As mom of four I'm learning that plan A is just the first of many ways to get things done.

Tyler Knott Gregson | Soolip Wedding

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Through the years I have learned to swallow my accent as we move all around, ( people assume you are less intelligent if you have a Southern accent)-but getting mad, tired,or tipsy makes it sneak back out and I sound like me...also now that I am older I care even less about what others think of me so I do not make any effort anymore...

I render thiss ssuch: "Be patient and tough; at some stage this suffering will serve you." - Ovid ><;