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This is very close to me as I continue to grow I have had to eliminate negative people and behavior in my life. Often with emotionally painful but yet rewarding results.

This is so much better than all those pins about the perfect guy making you laugh when you cry and all that crap. way more realistic.

.everyday is a battle that we must face. we can never win, but the strong ones continue fighting, even though they know it's hopless. some tiny battles are lost. but we are strong as long as we are able to get back up and fight again.

I'd like to thank the writers/creaters for putting up with Disney's demand to reference their cartoon characters, so they could produce a show with meaning. Way to balance beauacracy with your mission. In an interview they said Disney would only help air the show if Belle wore a yellow dress, etc. (Making Disney Co look like the show was all their idea.)

Like the different styles of font and the border. Maybe three different styles of font for Bridlemile Benefit Night