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Science & Nature

Infographic: Everything you need to know about the Higgs

Black Opal Black opal is the most coveted of all opal varities and at the high end of the market, The "black" in black opal means the gem has a very dark body tone. A black opal can be crystal or opaque. The rarest colour is red, next is green and orange with blue as the most common colour. Semi-black opal has an inherent darkness in it's body colour when viewed against a white background. Mid-grey stones are termed as semi-black. About 70% of the black opals come from Lightning Ridge, mu...

Luis Argerich-The Pipe Nebula The "pipe" is an enormous area towards the center of the Milky Way where dust hides the stars in the background. The globular cluster M19 can be seen at the top of the photo and the popular "snake" nebula near the left border

Ciliated and nonciliated cells lining the bronchiole of the respiratory tract.

A dormant volcano is a volcano that that is not active or extinct, but scientists still keep an eye out for that volcano because they believe that they still have a chance of erupting. Jeffrey Zhang

Quartz with a phantom shaped cluster of Jamesonite

The Dance of Venus. An accurate scientific drawing of Venus' amazing pattern around the Earth Did you know that Venus, our closest planetary neighbour, draws a beautiful fivefold pattern around Earth? She does this every eight years. This extraordinary hi-res image shows Venus' path around Earth over 32 years and has been generated by legendary author, researcher and publisher John Martineau.

WOW. This rain cloud costume is gorgeous!

Uncut Raw Blue Amber

Halo Style Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring. I peed my pants a little when I saw this. This is my IDEAL ring.

Danger from Below! By Amy Mebberson