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Science & Nature

Rough diamonds!!! I read somewhere that Cleopatra wore rough diamonds! :) + From a collection held at the Natural History Museum, London, UK

Creepy Vampire Fanged Dinosaur discovered by scientists.

Honey Chalcedony With Sky Blue Shades and Icy White Crystals ~ Druzy crystals take hundreds or even thousands of years to form. They form as molten rock begins to cool with trapped gases inside. The gases cause gaps in the rock. As groudwater flows through these gaps for century after century, minerals crystalize on the rock--forming a blanket of intense crystalization.

Hubble Finds 3 (Relatively) Dry Exoplanets, Raising Questions About Water Outside The Solar System

June 25, 1992: Launch: Space Shuttle Columbia STS-50 at 12:12:23 pm EDT. Mission highlights: Spacelab mission.

A Space Shuttle launch from above. Now only history . . .

The 76-carat ‘Archduke Joseph Diamond’ is one of the world’s most famous diamonds and it has been characterized as being the largest internally flawless gem in the world.

Rose Quartz is a familiar, but very sweet and healing energetic stone. Perfect for a gift to a loved one or friend in need of heart opening or to ease heartache.

Russian biologist Alexander Semenov graduated in 2007 from Moscow State University’s zoology department where he studied invertebrate animals. Specifically: squid brains. Now he works as the chief of his diving team at the White Sea Biological Station, camera always in-hand, where he’s captured some of these extraordinary photographs of jellyfish and other wildlife.

Space in Images - 2014 - 08 - Uprint Calendar - August 2014

45 seconds after launch, Space Shuttle Atlantis climbs away from its exhaust plume and launch pad at Kennedy Space Center May 11, 2009. (NASA) #

An unidentified flying object on a 17th century French coin continues to mystify rare coin experts. Colorado Springs, CO (PRWEB) January 28, 2005 -- After decades of seeking possible answers about a mysterious UFO-like design on a 17th century French copper coin, a prominent numismatic expert says it remains just that: an unidentified flying object. After a half-century of research, the design has defied positive identification by the numismatic community.

Space in Images - 2014 - 08 - Uprint Calendar - August 2014

LOUDVILLE PYROMORPHITE …"... an Extraordinary Boulder Unearthed at Manhan River Mine, Easthampton, Massachusetts" by Eric Greene & John Marshall. Beautiful!

Extreme Close-Up Photos of Human Eye. Nebulas of different colors, as a little part of Universe in each of us.

Recumbent chevron folds in Early Pennsylvania graywacke and shale of the Bude Formation at Millook Havem on the north coast of Cornwall, southwestern Britain, record the development and deformation of the Varsican foreland basin -- testifying to the closure of the Rheic Ocean during the mid- to Late Pennsylvanian Variscan orogeny. From: GSA Today, Vol. 18, No. 12 (Dec.2009)

Highly polished rare Marsdon Magna Marble which was discovered and prepared by Andy Cowap. These famous fossils from this location were somewhat of a myth for well over two hundred years, until now. Approximately 200 million years old.