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Science & Nature

Twelve Significant Moments for Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Ada Lovelace Day: Women Tech Accomplishments [Infographic] By Hubert Nguyen.

Quartz var. Amethyst 'Hour glass phantom' with possible Hematite inclusions.

Poster of rock & minerals, showing classification. I NEED this for my room. That way I can dream about earths materials in my sleep.

swansong-willows: Spiders web (by Torehegg)

Punchinello butterfly, Zemeros flegyas. A small butterfly found in South Asia and Southeast Asia

Enormous aqua sea shell mussel, Natural History Museum, Vienna, Austria.

Top Recommended Crystals: Citrine, Carnelian, Ruby, or Red Tiger’s Eye. Additional Crystal Recommendations: Apatite, Calcite, or Topaz. Affirmation: “I feel alive, energized, and motivated to take on any task in front of me." Motivation is associated with the Solar Plexus chakra.

Scientists studying the sun have detected solar neutrinos forged in the star's heart for the first time. This infographic depicts how the discovery was made using the Borexino detector in Italy.

NOURISH | Bahgsu Jewels ☾✧

Galaxy Hercules A in the constellation Hercules emits plasma jets nearly one million lightyears long Image credit: NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope

The Milky Way. This is what we might see if we turned down all the unneeded lights that blind us to the galaxy.

This Pen 3-D Prints Live Cells On A Damaged Bone | A new "bio pen" will allow surgeons to "draw" layers of cells on damaged bones and cartilage during surgery. This will help cells multiply and heal the injured spot by growing into nerves, muscle, and bone.

Aurora borealis as seen from the International Space Station.