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Sky High Excellent view of the docked Apollo 9 Command and Service Modules CSM and Lunar Module LM, with Earth in the background, during astronaut David R. Scott’s stand-up Extravehicular Activity EVA, on the fourth day of the Apollo 9 Earth-orbital mission. Scott, command module pilot, is standing in the open hatch of the Command Module CM. Film magazine was E,film type was SO-368 Ektachrome with 0.460 - 0.710 micrometers film / filter transmittance response and haze filter,80mm lens.

the amazing Milky Way -- BIG goal this year is learning how to take pics like this

Gold, Emerald and Diamond Ring, Olivier Reza The impressive geometric ring featuring an emerald-cut diamond weighing 9.88 carats and framed by 2 half-moon shaped Colombian emeralds weighing 11.44 carats.

Francisco Negroni from Chile won the Earth's Environments prize for photographing the lightning near an erupting volcano

Hubble Finds Supernova Companion Star after Two Decades of Searching. Using the Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers have identified the blue helium-burning companion star, seen at the center of the expanding nebula of debris from the supernova.

One of my favs also! ..."Orion- My favorite constellation, home to my favorite star, and home to the most amazing thing I can see with the naked eye, the orion nebula :-)"

kenobi-wan-obi: The Brown Ghoul: vdB 141 vdB 141 is a reflection nebula located in the constellation Cepheus. Sometimes referred to as the ghost nebula, its awkward name is its catalog number in Sidney van den Bergh’s catalog of reflection nebulae, published in 1966. Several stars are embedded in the nebula. Their light gives it a ghoulish brown color.

Creation of the Earth -- The Earth has since its beginning gone through many changes and many evolutions · read more....

BEAUTY OF THE BRAIN Anatomist Santiago Ramon y Cajal was the first to see--and illustrate--what neurons really do.

Attractive specimen featuring golden Calcite crystals surrounded blue Fluorite cubes! This is a eye catcher and the Calcite tips are complete and in excellent shape. The Fluorite cubes are surrounded on all sides, making for a beautiful combo and display. From the Bethel Level Green Tracts, Cave-in-Rock District, Hardin County, Illinois. Measures 5.7 cm by 5.3 cm by 4 cm in total size. Circa 1950's to early 1960s - Ex. Bynum Mineral Collection

Like a Diamond in the Sky - A dark Sun hung over Queensland, Australia on Wednesday morning during a much anticipated total solar eclipse. Storm clouds threatened to spoil the view along the northern coast, but minutes before totality the clouds parted. Streaming past the Moon's edge, the last direct rays of sunlight produced a gorgeous diamond ring effect in this scene from Ellis Beach between Cairns and Port Douglas.