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Science & Nature

Rhodonite soothes the nervous system. This gemstone vibrates with love. Just holding this gemstone promotes relaxation and brings a sense of well-being. This is a balance gemstone and is used to clear the psychic centers. Healing properties of Rhodonite Rhodonite raises self worth and helps ward off negativity. It has been known as a "rescue stone".

14K Yellow Gold Aquamarine Emerald Cut Ring

Lilac-breasted Roller bird

A Cosmic Holiday Ornament, Hubble-Style by NASA Goddard Photo and Video, via Flickr

Hypernova - Gamma rays burst from either pole of a shattered star undergoing a hypernova explosion. © Don Dixon, 2005.

Fluorapatite / Mineral Friends

The S-II stage of the Saturn V rocket is hoisted onto the A-2 test stand in 1967 at the Mississippi Test Facility, now the Stennis Space Center. This was the second stage of the 364-foot tall Moon rocket. The second stage was powered by five J-2 engines. (Great Images in NASA)

Hand carved cave in Abiquiu, NM near Ghost Ranch. Abiquiu is a small unincorporated town located in Rio Arriba County, in northern New Mexico.

This image from Nasas Spitzer Space Telescope shows a stellar nursery containing thousand of young stars & developing protostars near the sword of Orion.

Initiamenta conchologica, or, Elements of conchology : - Biodiversity Heritage Library

Étretat, France - the 80-mile stretch of sheer cliffs between Dieppe and Etretat, in upper Normandy, is mirrored by those of the English coast of Dover, pointing to their shared geological origin.