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Science & Nature

We are all made of stars :) (as matter is neither created, nor destroyed- only converted into other matter, we are composed of the same material that existed at the dawn of time. We are star stuff.)

  • Krosis

    Not delusional at all. It's basic science.

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DIY hanging diamond decor by contributor Kathleen

Distorsio parvimpedita Beu, 1998 New Caledonia (Adults - 35-38 mm.)

Top 5 Potentially Habitable Alien Planets #space #astronomy #science

  • Shannon Oakford

    Yep...just like Smith said I the Matrix. .."humans are a virus!"

  • Duncan Masters

    I challenge you to find any species that does not exploit its environment, and move into new environments as they become available. Self-loathing isn't an answer to the problem, it's a distraction.

  • Shannon Oakford

    Most animals take what they need....humans are wasteful and selfish...and we should know better!

  • Duncan Masters

    Most animals don't take what they need -- they just have been a part of a developing ecosystem for longer. Lions will kill more than they can eat, but they have various scavengers to clean up after them. Grazers will overgraze, but they will starve and/or feed predators until something approaching equilibrium is reached. But you are right, the difference is that WE should know better!

  • Shannon Oakford

    It looks like we are both right ;)

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Microscopic art - Diatoms

Composting is Cool! Save your food from the methane-producing landfill & nourish a nearby garden

  • Alyce Goich

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I tried to send this to you last night and my iPad was being dumb!!!

  • Alyce Goich

    I think I even pinned it lol. My comment I was going to add was "look, now I can compost anywhere in my house!"

A Tall MilkyWay "There are four hundred billion stars out there just in our galaxy alone, and Jehovah knows them all by name Isa.40:26

*Found a seashell! (by Duncan Rowe)

Zoologist Arthur Anker's picture of a Venezuela poodle moth, a moth species discovered in 2009.

Jeannine Marchand - Folded Clay

They can snap together for a completely 3D installation, or they can be mounted.

Tanzanite: high vibrating and stimulates your crown, third-eye and throat chakra. This combination of stimulation make it an excellent choice for enhancing your work with spirit communication; amazing for helping you explore and find your true self. This stone is one of the stones that accelerates our coming of age. If you work with metaphysics and the spirit world this stone should be on your list of must haves. | #perspicacityparty #magicgeodes #magicstones #tanzanite

Lightning Whelk Shell. They come with either right handed or left handed openings.

Picture #1 of 2 KIEV, Ukraine -- A beautiful white tiger that became a symbol of Yulia Tymoshenko's presidential campaign has returned to the spotlight by giving birth to four cubs, including a rare albino one.

Earth: #Earth ~ International Coastal Cleanup; 25 Years of Ocean Debris Collected.