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Science & Nature

Yowah-Nut Opal - These truly magical Yowah-Nut Opals are found in the Yowah and nearby Koroit opal fields in Queensland, Australia

Passionate Pink Tourmaline Emerald Cut Untreated by DeVanxGems

Mycena clarkeana, Swan River, western Australia. Photo: Steve Axford

Blood Agar Plates and Hemolysis Protocols - The history of blood agar, as we know it today, is uncertain. The inclusion of blood as a nutritive supplement in culture media may pre-date the use of agar. In their 1903 Manual of Bacteriology, Muir and Ritchie list its inclusion before they discuss “agar-agar” as a replacement for gelatin as a solidifying agent.

Quartz Growth Hillocks Locality: Diamond Point, AZ Notes: These growth hillocks are common on the rhombohedral faces of the quartz crystals from this area. The field of view is about 0.25 inches. Stan Celestian

✯ Red blood cells within a capillary. Such tiny blood vessels directly feed oxygen and nutrients to muscle and other tissues of the body.✯

How Each Of The 50 US States Got Their Names

Fluorite - Weisseck, Riedingsee, Salzburg, Austria / Mineral Friends ♥

Barite Locality: Magma Mine, AZ Size: Specimen is 0.87 inches tall. Stan Celestian

Wulfenite Red Cloud Locality: Red Cloud Mine, Yuma County, Arizona Size: Specimen is 2.0 inches long.. Stan Celestian

Opal Pineapple - Australia (opal pseudomorph after ikaite)