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Science & Nature

Frozen Waterfall at Piedra River Trail, Pagosa Springs, Colorado, USA

Amber with feathers

In a Vase Painting by Anne Duke - In a Vase Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Annular solar eclipse over Tokyo on 20th May 2012 by by Ben Smethers

Shown above are results of a flame test, a procedure in chemistry in which a hot, non-luminous flame (typically a Bunsen burner) is exposed to a sample of an element or compound to detect the presence of various metal ions, which give off very specific characteristic colors based on an emission spectrum unique to every element. The elements shown from left to right are as follows: Barium, Potassium, Strontium, Calcium, and Sodium.

Morel | "Several places across the country where morels are plentiful sponsor annual festivals, celebrations, and collecting competitions. Mushroomers who find the most morels win prizes."

Fire Opal: If you look closer in to this kind of gem you will become startled. The view inside the gems is breathtaking. Its like you are looking on some other planet far away. The forms that are created inside are unique and there is no way to find 2 opals with the same pattern. There are many types of opals. Fire, ocean, blue, black with many kind of different colors in it and much more different types.

Labradorite Madagascar

In Divine Creation are Beautiful Trees that enters the soul of a person and inspires one to walk slowly down the path of Divine Wisdom...Panentheism ...

The Mohs scale of mineral hardness

The newest Solar System infographics- Kuiper Belt #telescopeplanet #astronomy #infographics

NASA - The Whirlpool Galaxy

Apollo 17 capsule "America" splashed down at 2:25 pm EST on December 19, 1972, completing the last lunar landing mission of the Apollo program. Photo: NASA/MSFC

A rare Martian meteorite recently found in Morocco contains minerals with 10 times more water than previously discovered Mars meteorites, a finding that raises new questions about when and how long the planet most like Earth in the solar system had conditions suitable for life.

Unbelievably Beautiful 144-Year-Old Japanese Wisteria Looks Like It Belongs In A Fairy Tale

A Stunning Sky View | A1 Pictures

Gorgeous mix of smooth Malachite spherules with crystalline Azurite balls on Goethite