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Science & Nature

HandFish, a cousin to the angler fish. Brachionichthys politus from Tasmania. They 'walk' rather than swim, using their modified pectoral fins to move about on the sea floor.

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African Amethyst cut by John Dyer

Cosmos is a Greek word for the order of the universe. It is, in a way, the opposite of Chaos. It implies the deep interconnectedness of all things. It conveys awe for the intricate and subtle way in which the universe is put together. ~~~ Carl Sagan

Blood Moon He's coming soon

USA Natural Freshwater Pearls with High Luster

The Armadillo Lizard is a lizard endemic to desert areas of southern Africa. The natural habitat of this lizard is scrub and rocky outcrops. It is diurnal. It hides in rock cracks and crevices. It lives in social groups of up to 30. The Armadillo Lizard possesses an uncommon antipredator adaptation, in which it takes its tail in its mouth and rolls into a ball when frightened.

euclase from zimbabwe

Orion's Dreamy Stars - NASA Spitzer Space Telescope

Blue Sapphire Crystal Natural Gemstone Crystal by FenderMinerals

✯ The Milky Way over Poipu Beach in Kauai, Hawaii

Comet ISON's magnificent tail--16 million km! Photo credit: Michael Jäger of Ebenwaldhöhe, Austria on 17 November, 2013.

The Northern Lights in Alaska

The retina contains five classes of neurons: photoreceptors (purple), horizontal cells (yellow), bipolar neurons (green), amacrine cells (pink and blue), and ganglion cells (pink and blue). In this cross section of an adult mouse retina, only a subset of bipolar cells, “the ON bipolar cells” are visible by their expression of GFP (green). The pink and blue speckled striations at the bottom of the image mark the fiber layer, which contains the ganglion cell axons that will form the optic nerve

Pyrite inclusions in Quartz - wow - such a great piece of quartz...and the way that pyrite's floating in it...magic!

Conjoined twins snake king cobra. This snake was found at a temple in Karnataka. Looks like a creature from mythology .

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Rose 'Camille Pissarro'

The photographer commented that she rode the tornado out in a ditch that was close, and that most of the building was left standing, but the tin roof was probably in the next county. She didn't say where this was taken.

"Blue Butterfly On White Roses" by Garry Gay on fineartamerica