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Absolutely fabulous Elbaite scepter (gemmy green top with a pink stem). From Pederneira mine, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Great Reporters - "The people of the Omo"

FANTASTIC ECLIPSE: The Moon passed in front of the sun on Sunday, May 20th, producing a deep solar eclipse visible across the Pacific side of Earth. Sunlight dimmed, the air cooled, ordinary sunbeams turned into fat crescents and rings of light. And the sunset was definitely different. Jacob Thumberger sends this picture from Gail, Texas:

Astronomers have found a mysterious haze at the heart of the galaxy. The light appears to be produced by an "absolutely enormous" cloud of energetic particles racing through the galaxy's magnetic field, but the particles' origin so far defy explanation

NGC 281--Pacman Nebula (enhanced colors) a region in the constellation Cassiopeia & part of the Perseus Spiral Arm. It includes the open cluster IC 1590, the multiple star HD 5005, & several Bok globules.

Osmium twinning / Osmium is a hard, brittle, blue-gray or blue-black transition metal in the platinum family and is the densest naturally occurring element, with a density of 22.59 g/cm3 (slightly greater than that of iridium and twice that of lead).