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Science & Nature

galaxy! Wow this is the stunning beauty that which we actually be - and then we question our worth???

  • Kimberly Rose

    What an amazing perspective on worth I've been struggling with this and I love your point thank you

  • Dennis Osborn

    Perspective its all about perspective

Black Marble - Americas NASA image acquired April 18 - October 23, 2012 This image of North and South America at night is a composite assembled from data acquired by the Suomi NPP satellite in April and October 2012. The new data was mapped over existing Blue Marble imagery of Earth to provide a realistic view of the planet.

Apollo 16: Duke on Craters Edge | NASA on The Commons

Opal from 2013 Tucson Gem & Mineral Show

Supermassive Black Hole Swallowing Star

Green Hygrocybe Hygrocybe graminicolor. These rather than H. stevensoniae as for specimens fully grown the stem was relatively narrow. These are what I went to the Blue Mountains for. Coachwood Glen, Blue Mountains, Australia.

Star Trail Photographs from International Space Station by Astronaut Don Pettit, smithsononianmag #Photography #Star_Trails #ISS #NASA

black hole? wonder why I thought a black hole would be "black" and a "hole". . . thus you couldn't see it?

  • Rebecca Bolton

    You can't see the black hole itself. What you see here is the accretion disk (matter gathered, or accreted, around the singularity) and the jets of very high energy being re-emitted. Black holes definitely are black, but they sure make their presence known. :)

Larimar Cabochons. Larimar represents peace and clarity. Eases stress, calms the heart. Reduces inflammation.

Whirlpool Galaxy- Hubble Telescope

When Venus Rises with the Sun (June 8 2012) Image Credit & Copyright: Emil Ivanov This dramatic telephoto view across the Black Sea on June 6 finds Venus rising with the Sun, the planet in silhouette against a ruddy and ragged solar disk. Of course, the reddened light is due to scattering in planet Earth's atmosphere and the rare transit of Venus didn't influence the strangely shaped and distorted Sun. In fact, seeing the Sun in the shape of an Etruscan Vase is relatively common (..) #astronomy

The moon and Earth's atmosphere as seen from the International Space Station

Rose quartz - great for calming high emotions, good for highly strung children. Good vibes, love, compassion.

On July 19, NASA's Cassini spacecraft captured a rare image of Saturn's rings and our planet Earth and its moon.

  • Erin Camille

    So mind blowing how vast our space is

  • samer showekh


  • edword daplyfe

    see me waving?! Hi saturn! =)

  • Karen Vasquez

    I went to comment similarly on the perspective of our Mother Earth & how it really does take seeing the big picture in order to keep our 'smaller' pictures in focus ... then I read Edword's comment and got a really witty & funny surprise ... I love it!

  • Greg Wetzel

    Sometimes there are just no words...

Show 2 more comments... of the happiest, sweetest flowers...a little cousin of the pansy. Good for containers.

Gibson Nebula~ Without form and void, and darkness fell upon the face of the deep...

The Great Orion Nebula, NGC 1973, 1975 & 1977 Taken by Jeff Adkins Sr, Jr & Terry Lutz on December 1, 2013 @ Willard, Ohio

Crystals for Fears — Overcome fear with Sodalite or Orange Calcite. Carry your preferred crystal with you as needed. — Root fears = security or change. Solar Plexus fears = peronal power. Heart fears = emotional or relationship. Also take note of where in your body you feel the fear. For many it will be in either the Solar Plexus or the Heart. Take several deep breathes and hold your crystal to this area to help you calm down and relax.

Top Recommended Crystals: Bloodstone, Turquoise, Chrysocolla, or Malachite. Additional Crystal Recommendations: Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Lepidolite, or Magnetite (Lodestone). These crystals can be used to ease cramping of all kinds. Chrysocolla works especially well for menstrual cramps. Hold to the site of pain as needed.