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I think I already pinned this. Whatever. Enjoy it again. watercolor tattoo | World tattoo

Disney Tattoo//Subtle Poppins behind the ear. Nice. If I ever had the nerve to get a tattoo this would be my Disney one....but different location.

cute little elephant tattoo on the ankle

butterfly pencil drawing, if it were a dragonfly it would be perfect

Leg tattoos? TIghts? Not sleeves? Pants? idk

Blue Jay Feather Watercolor Original Painting by jodyvanB on Etsy, $45.00

My left ear is running out of room, but these would look so cute on my right ear!

  • Whitnye Stuefen

    Use whatever jewelry you want! It's about what you like, not someone else :)

  • Linda Lace

    I love the small gages on women. It's sexy and fierce

  • Tris Prior Laufeyson

    Do u know if the industrials hurt? I'm 13 and i really want to get one, or get a helix. But which do you think is the one that causes the least amount of pain (any ear piercing not just those two)

  • Linda Lace

    The helix doesn't hurt, you might hear a crunch noise when they pierce it. The industrial shouldn't hurt but I've never had that piercing. The best places to get piercings are a tattoo parlor.

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small tattoos and font. love simple feminine tats

If You Are Looking For Some Cool Tattoo Quotes, You Should Definitely Check These Ones... ...I Never Thought It's So Easy to Find Great Bible Tattoo Verses this Way... :O

sunFlower Shoulder Tattoos for Women | Best sunflower tattoo Flowers Tattoo Designs

i want an anchor tattoo with words placed around it saying something to the effect of keeping my faith in place .. but I haven't figured out how to display words yet but I like the placement on this one for the anchor!

I might like something like this except with a more delicate background (not a fan of super thick tribal on women usually) and I might change one or two or all of the flowers. Really nice flow to the design though!

so pretty, what i want so it is not that noticeable!

55 Best And Cool Wrists Tattoos For Girls | How to Tattoo?

Possible future tattoo, maybe worked into my sleeve? Stitch has always been my power

Gorgeous Foot Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Industrial ear piercing done right… if I was ever gonna get it pierced this is the only way i would do it

This would make a badass back piece or thigh tattoo. i absolutely love this!