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Small Butterfly Tattoos On Shoulder | Tattoo Designs… Butterfly Tatto… Small Blue Butt…

This is why I only get tattoos that symbolize something special to me, whether it be music, or remembering a lost loved one....

Cute tattoo idea. Loving the American tradition style

cool # tattoo sugar skull thigh tattoo # cool # tatoo

Henna- I miss doing this. I may have to go get some henna.

This tattoo, but with my son's names making up the heart..and much smaller. Either on my wrist or shoulder??

worthy wrist tattoo. This is the next one.

10 Inspiring Arm Tattoo Ideas For Men | Unique Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo person gets first part, other person gets second for Shar and I

Blackfoot Indian Tribe Symbols

when i looked at you my life made sense

How to make melted crayon art...without gluing the crayon to the canvas. pretty and random art

"I am not afraid, I was Born to do this." Arm tattoo. This just makes me want a forearm tattoo even more!

Hip tattoos for girls have become a rage due to the sensual placement of this tattoo. The hip area does not have too much of fat or muscle therefore, getting a

traditional tattoo. Want on my lower stomach but more colors of flowersflowers

“The semicolon is used when a sentence could have ended, but didn’t” If you have ever self harmed, been depressed, or attempted suicide, you might want to be part of The Semicolon Movement. It helps serve a a reminder that your sentence doesn’t have to end, and you don’t have to end it. Your sentence is not over. Keep living and join the movement.

I actually kind of like this thigh tat

Totally love this ams the placement, love this little guy #cross #tattoo

Owl tattoo design. I am so getting this on the back of my neck to cover up the hideous tat thats on my back/neck---absolutely love love this!