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Adaptive Ipad holder would be great for a therapy session

The Spine Ergo BUG Armor back & spine protector $99.95

If you've ever purchased an eBook or PDF, you know how easy it is for files to clutter up your hard drive. This simple, yet effective way to organize an eBook library keeps the best digital resources at your fingertips, whether you have 9 eBooks or 90!

This is the fryer that cooks crisp, succulent fried food without any oil.

OhGizmo! Review – Jo Totes Stylish Camera Bags | OhGizmo! Would be perfect for travel indtead of carrying an obvious camera bag

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Flying Hovercraft Awesome!

The Indoor Flameless Marshmallow Roaster - Hammacher Schlemmer

The Climbing Wall Treadmill - Hammacher Schlemmer

a satellite device that lets you send text messages from your cell phone even if your phone can’t connect to the Internet or phone service.

UK Ministry of Defence puts Black Hornet spy copter in Afghani skies... it appears the wee reconnaissance drones have moved out of the prototype phase and into the war zone. As part of the British government's £20,000,000 contract with the Norway-based outfit and defense contractor Marlborough Communications, 160 of these camera-equipped spy copters have been commissioned, with a portion of those units employed by troops stationed in Afghanistan.

Ikan is a barcode scanner. Mount it in your kitchen. When you are out of a product, scan it's barcode and Ikan will have it delivered for you.

The Foosball Coffee Table