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I don't know how many of you will be as stoked as I am but oh well. This is Ben Heckendorn's 360 laptop. This is quite possibly the best mod in the history of the world.

How do colors affect purchases?

The Air Umbrella now making a run on Kickstarter does away with the traditional ribbed cage fabric design in favor of a cone of jetted air that promises to keep the rain away.

Chromecast competitor aims to be more openGoogle is pitching its Chromecast device for streaming chores, Microsoft recently unveiled its Wireless Display Adapter based on Miracast technology, and now

Electronic Pill Box Alarm Gadget

5 Ways Small Business Brands Can Use Instagram Video

Cell Phone Timeline 1 How far mobile phones have come in the past 31 years: Its infographic time!

  • Libby Lawrence

    Still have two of the Simon personal communicators at home. They were so cool... big, but cool. And last I checked, still functional. Although pretty primitive by today's standards, they were really the first step toward 'smart phones', with lots of neat functions which were fairly advanced in the early 90s.

  • Robert Nissenbaum

    I spent the last 20 years in the wireless industry. I actually have plenty of phones from then to now still in working order.

  • Lina H

    Take a look at "Apple Hunt"

  • Ecosource Canada Inc

    Save up to 90% on your energy bill with our eco-energy retrofit kit & renewable high performance equipment for your Hotel and win green star from your Hotel renewable green energy certificate program. Providing turnkey solutions education training troubleshooting manual during the installation. Feel free for detail catalogues & partnership programs at M:

Taking the feeling of masculinity to a whole new level

he Thomas Kinkade Crystal Santa Claus.

New technology that could allow us to one day feel virtual sensations has big implications for the medical world.

how to work in coffee shops! Love this!!

A goo similar to Silly putty can clean all the gunk off of your keyboard. Seems like magic.

Lightleaf This unique bookmark kills two birds with one stone – not only does it make sure you know where you last left off, it will also come with an illuminating surface that offers a glow bright enough to read in the dark without disturbing anyone else.