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Sand Falls - Upper Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Rope Bridge, Antrim, Ireland

Marvelous Caves that you should Visit !!! -Hidden Beach Marieta Islands Puerto Vallarta.

Under the Pier Oahu Hawaii - #tmophoto landscape and night photography by Thomas OBrien

Snake Identification Yellow on black friend of Jack. Red on Yellow will kill a fellow. (one exception). Know your pit viper families. Non poisonous snakes, can be nasty biters. If you don't know them don't get near them. If you do, make sure you really know your snakes :-) They are not pets, they live in the wild. Please don't domesticate North American Snakes.

Glacier National Park - Montana WHOA! I need to go there.

The Beautiful Cinque Terre of Italy

Acadia, Maine

Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument. Washington DC USA. The 4 of us walked from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capital and then back to our motel. Man did I get a few blisters on my feet, but it was well worth it.

7-Eleven creates special Vernors Slurpee. A true Michigan version

Forest Park, Portland, Oregon. Where I'd go for walks looking for Bigfoot.....

"Fort Belmont Sunset" by Aaron J. Groen.......Sun setting behind the 1902 Delafield Church. Taken Easter Sunday 3-31-13 at Fort Belmont in Jackson, Minnesota.

Sacramento California

Gilpin Lake near Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Dive bar menu at Billy Ray's! Yes, they are all frozen TV dinners.

Where the wild things are / Great Otway National Park, Victoria, Australia.

A photograph of Planet Earth taken on August 7. 2012 by the new Meteostat Second Generation (MSG-3) satellite.