I made these duct tape bows for my nephews party 😊

Upcycle // Cool Jar Series - Part I via bliss bloom blog (Bottle craft)

one brave day {down the road}, I'd love to tackle this bed project when our baby is ready to be moved from her crib. I'd love it painted white and majorly distressed for that rustic barn, vintagy girl look. Oh yea, and with that pastel masor jar chandelier hanging overhead. I can see it now.

Bake marbles at 325/350 for 20 min. Put in ice water to make them crack on the inside. Glue end caps to them with starter rings to create pretty pendants!

Washi tape banner on jute or bakers twine. This can also be a great idea on a larger scale with design/pattern paper.

Make! Kids Reward Charts

Awesome gallery walls, great layout ideas!! (...links to a beautiful Portuguese blog!)

copper tape: find at the hardware store. It's intended to keep snails and slugs out of raised garden beds.

Cheesy Biscuit Bombs...buttery biscuits, Pepper Jack Cheese & Parmesan, garlic and herbs...crazy good! I'm hooked!

Each chair cost five bucks and took 30 min to make! Shows you how to build a set of bunk beds, tables, etc. EASY to do.

Remove A Splinter... Without Tweezers!