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Things to Save For!

5 simple ideas to help save a little here and there for your dream vacation. You can do it!

How To Save For A Dream Vacation | Saving with Shellie™

You’re about to discover how little facts of our life which we can easily change to make our life happy and healthy. Both saving money and a happy life are there for us. Every penny you save today will keep your head out of the burden of debt. It is never too hard to leave these bad things. Spending your own money for the whole month and saving them for future will help you increase your self-confidence. This will help you give better output in your work life.

Is staying in an overwater bungalow on your list of dream vacations?

Blue Lagoon, Jamaica

Tuscany Vacations Packages, Wine Tours

I want to save for a trip to TVD Convention so I can finally meet all my favorites #allUSsavingsgoals

I'm Saving for My Children's College Fund #MySavingsGoal #allUSsavingsgoals

College Savings Asset Allocation Strategies & Tips