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Educação literária

How can you add depth to your characters, settings, and events? The answer is simple: develop literary devices within your story.

How to create your author brand - great tips for new and seasoned authors

How to create your author brand by Malla Vallik, Harlequin

Quotable - Cormac McCarthy - Writers Write



I often ask my students to write about "why they write," and I've heard many of these answers again and again. They're true for me, too. --Laura Davis The Writer's Journey

Stenhouse Publishers: IRA 2012

Prepare for adventure: 12 #literary maps to explore

Prepare for adventure: 12 literary maps to explore

The other faces of Shakespeare. 15 funny and satirical illustrations // Las otras caras de Shakespeare. 15 ilustraciones disparatadas y satíricas. www.eraseunavezqu...

¿Eh, William, eres tú? (Las otras caras de Shakespeare)

Incorporate writing into your schedule and WRITE! - "Weekly Writing Plan to Strengthen Your Writing Muscles"

More books to read based on books you've already read!

The Other Dani: Book Recommendations

INCIDENTAL COMICS: Styles of Writing-- If only!

INCIDENTAL COMICS: Styles of Writing

Find Shakespeare in the PR2848s, on the 2nd floor.

Timeline Photos - Goodwill Librarian | Facebook

Clubes e Projetos Elias Garcia

Clubes e Projetos Elias Garcia

Book recommendations for you if you like Divergent, I like how it broke it down into the different areas of the book.

Daily Writing Prompt - Writers Write Creative Blog