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Crochet Butterfly Patterns

Crochet butterflies are really popular with the spring season approaching. You can decorate a room, use as a gift topper or simply lay them around the house. These are great crafts for summer, patterns to crochet for kids, and beautiful crochet designs that girls of all ages will love.

Just like glimpsing a butterfly will brighten your day, this Carefree Butterfly Motif will brighten your crochet project.

Bring the warm seasons into your home with some fabulous Glitsy Butterfly Magnets. These crochet magnet patterns are easy to work up and would make great gifts for friends and family.

Glitsy Butterfly Magnets

If you have any leftover yarn, make yourself this Pretty Pink Butterfly. This easy crochet pattern is made using the shell stitch. It's a great stash buster project that can be used in a number of different ways. Add it to your hat, purse, sweater, or coat. Make this Pretty Pink Butterfly in any color you want, but the example shown here was made using pink yarn to commemorate breast cancer awareness.

Pretty Pink Butterfly

This is a beautiful #crochet butterfly that you can use as a centerpiece or #decorative doily.

Crochet & Knitting
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I think these #Crochet Butterfly Wings are just so neat. You can make them for a child to play with or use them as a Halloween costume. So neat!

  • Lilly Lu

    You can not advertise yourself as FREE CROCHET and then put up a pin that includes a pattern that we have to pay for.....

  • Faustina F

    @Lilly Lu........I agree with you 100%. I hate when people on this site lure you in and then when you get to their site there is a charge for the pattern. I didn't realize that this site was mostly for advertising other people's projects that are for sale......I thought this site was for peope interested in sharing their skills/knowledge. I guess I was dead wrong eh??

  • Adina Reitz-Rothaug

    If it says etsy, its normally a pattern they charge for.

This butterfly #crochet pattern is one of the quickest patterns you will find this season. These Tiny Butterflies can be used as embellishments for any garment or piece of decor. Using single crochet and thread you can have the cutest crochet butterflies around. Get the pattern free today!

Tiny Butterflies

Make a Springtime Butterfly #Crochet Adjustable Headband by PurdyThings. Add a butterfly to your plain headbands for a whole new look.

This #Crochet Butterfly Necklace takes talent to make. I really like it!

Crochet Butterfly Necklace

I just thought these monarch butterfly nails were awesome! You can probably #crochet a pattern just like it.

For Your Nails Only: I Need Your Help!

Use a fine thread to #crochet a fancy butterfly. Embroider this onto a nice jacket or wearable.

Crochet & Knitting

I've seen so many #crochet butterflies lately, it must be the spring season. I bet these are fairly easy to make too.

HOBBY ES: januari 2011

Oh my gosh, butterflies are so popular right now. This is adorable! #Crochet one for yourself.

I've seen so many #crochet butterflies lately, it must be the spring season. I bet these are fairly easy to make too.

HOBBY ES: januari 2011

More great butterflies. Decorate a child's room with these #Crochet Butterfies. You can make them in different sizes too.

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