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Free Knitting Patterns for Beginners

If you're just learning how to knit or looking to brush up on a few fundamentals, this list of free knitting patterns for beginners is a great place to start. Learn how to knit with these easy knitting projects tailored for beginners.

Seed Stitch Knitting: 10 Easy Knitting Patterns - Learn how to knit seed stitch with 10 easy, pretty patterns!

Basket Weave Knitting: 10 Classic Patterns

If you can knit and knit two together, you can knit this hat. My First Knit Hat is perfect for the beginning knitter just learning how to knit a hat. There's no joining, circular knitting, purling, or even binding off.

My First Knit Hat

When you've just learned how to knit, turning your new skills into projects you can actually wear can be a daunting prospect. This easy knit cowl pattern will help to make that leap fast and easy.

Cozy Coffee Shop Cowl

Learn how to knit a scarf while also indulging your love for vintage knitting patterns with the Botany Striped Scarf.

Botany Striped Scarf

Perfect for fledgling knitters looking to take on their first knit hat pattern, the Beginners' Garter Stitch Hat is a cozy and cute option for cold weather wear.

Beginner's Garter Stitch Hat

Wrap yourself in style with this neon-accented knit scarf pattern. Knit entirely in garter stitch, the Bold Beginner Scarf makes a great pattern for fledgling knitters and skilled crafters alike.

Bold Beginner Scarf

11 Rainbow Knitting Patterns for Beginners

Beginning knitters can practice their skills with these 3 Kitchen Knitting Patterns.

Storey Publishing-The Knitting Answer Book: This book is great for both beginner and experienced knitters. Got a knitting problem? This book has the answer!

Storey Publishing-The Knitting Answer Book
  • Ka Ren

    I've had this book for a while.. refer to it often when I get stuck

  • Cheryl Nolan

    I also have this book - VERY helpful!

  • Pam Grier

    lots of good info and tips

  • Linda Scott

    I'm convinced; will order from my local independently owned book store.

  • Liz Bohnen

    Love this book! It has an answer for practically everything!

If you're new to knitting, this Shifting Colors Dishcloth Scarf is a fun #knitting tutorial to use for improving your skills. Instead of being knit in one piece, this scarf uses two different dishcloth patterns to create five knit squares which are seamed together to make a scarf.

Shifting Colors Dishcloth Scarf

Tea drinkers, rejoice! This Beginner Tea Cozy is just what you need for your kitchen. Made entirely in the garter stitch, you'll be able to use this tea cozy pattern to make a practical item for your kitchen in no time. Just follow the diagrams for complete seaming instructions. #knitting

Beginner Tea Cozy

If you've never made a #knit baby garment before, this Beginner Knit Baby Kimono is a great pattern to try. Knit completely in the garter stitch, this soft kimono looks far more complicated that it is. Get plenty of practice using the knit stitch in this cute pattern that offers minimal seaming.

Beginner Knit Baby Kimono