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Funny Knitting Jokes

Laugh while you knit with this side-splitting collection of funny knitting jokes, knitting humor, yarn humor, yarn jokes, and knitting puns.

If yarn was currency...I'd be rich :)

Sung in the tune of the Beatles classic ;)

I'd rather be knitting. What about you?

Knitters gonna knit!

Ain't that the truth! ;)

Knitting is the new yoga...ahhhhh.

There seems to be some debate...

Knitters, unite!

I knit, therefore I am.

I'm not retired...knitting is a full-time job!

It takes balls (of yarn) to knit. :)

Life's short...knit fast and often

Ever wonder where all that bright colored yarn comes from? The answer is Neon sheep. Share this funny knitting joke with all your yarn-loving friends!

Knitting is my happy place. What about you?

Knit In Public Bingo - Love this! See how many people ask you these questions while you celebrate Knit in Public Week!

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What do you think? Is cheap yarn useful in some situations?

  • Gabryelle Elder

    I use cheap yarns when I am trying out new techniques and I'm not quite sure how it's going to come out.

  • Betty Owsley Huffman

    This is a pet peeve of mine and I think it is a "cheap" shot at people who can't afford to buy high end yarns. It is a snobby meme suggesting that low income people should not knit/crochet because they can't afford to spend 15 to 50 dollars on a skein of yarn. This is very thoughtless and could possibly discourage people from doing something they love.

  • Nikki Arrebollo

    If ya cant afford the luxuary....then ya make due. I am NOT a yarn snob.

  • Arlene Helder

    Totally agree with Betty. Until I have walked in everyone elses shoes.....I don't need to hear anything negative, that would keep anyone from this craft.

Ha! It's a sacrifice we must all make.