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Funny Knitting Jokes

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Of course Sherlock knits Fair Isle skulls - Oh how I wish this were real!

Just pour me my coffee, hand me my knitting and slowly back away.

You know you're a knitter when the first thing you pack for vacation is your current project.

  • Kelly Washington

    Or, when you spend hours scouring patterns and yarn to find the perfect vacation knitting project and spend 10 minutes planning your wardrobe...

Knitting Spock. It's only logical.

  • Glenna Kelley

    Knitfar and Live Long!

  • Lynn McKnight

    Captain, I have found a logical application for the string theory. Fascinating.

  • Rosellen Russell

    Knit one purl two, there is logic in this . Perhaps I can make a scarf for my Pet tribble !

  • Pat Schutz

    "What size needles was I supposed to use, again?"

  • Susan Yost

    Don't beam me up yet! I only have three stitches left before I finish this row!

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Knitting in progress. Please be patient.

I was knitting before knitting was cool!

What does knitting stand for? Knowledgeable, noble, intellectual, therapeutic, tasteful, inventive, neat and global!

Need more space for your yarn collection? How about a tub. ;)

  • Marie Shaw

    I could make many things! It would keep me bust for months

  • Jan White

    So much better than a tubful of bubbles!

  • brenda edgar

    That is a lot of yarn!!! Yippee!!!

  • Diane Stead

    I would love to have that, I make hats and mittens and donate them to my local church's for the children in need, occasionally I have people donate yarn but not often ,,, church's says need more for next year and there is 9 church in my town ,,, it would help me reach my goal, and make enough for all the children in need

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I said to myself, I need to do something besides knit today....then I laughed and laughed. #knitting #humor

Talk about extreme crafting... #knitting

I'm a member of the Y.A.A. (yarn addicts anonymous).

The only place housework comes before knitting is in the dictionary! Share this knitting humor with all your friends.

Do you have ADKD (attention deficit knitting disorder)?

Wanted: Criminal with knitting needles at large. Police say he's following a pattern.

I see two skeins of yarn ... baby alpaca. What's your favorite knitting joke?

I'm fluent in two languages: English and Knitting!

Help! I'm knitting and I can't get up.

All I want for Christmas is yarn!

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Crazy knit toilet paper. Would you ever make some?

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O.K.D - obsessive knitting disorder.

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Don't tempt fate. Buy extra yarn!

No thanks, I only sing Alpacapella.