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Bags + Purses

You'll love these DIY bags, totes, and purses. Learn how to make a bag or purse with any of these easy sewing projects.

Creamsicle DIY Tote Bag - Whether you are carting your stuff to the beach or your books to the library, this free tote bag pattern will do the job. This Creamsicle DIY Tote Bag is stunning and absolutely easy.

Creamsicle DIY Tote Bag

Just for You Monogram Tablet Keeper from @BERNINA WeAllSew Blog - If you're looking for homemade gift ideas for those hard-to-please people in your life, this Just for You Monogram Tablet Keeper is an easy option. With this helpful tutorial, you can make a DIY tablet case for every one of your friends and family members.

Just for You Monogram Tablet Keeper

The Great Gathered Tote from @BERNINA WeAllSew Blog - If you're looking for a unique, funky new bag, The Great Gathered Tote is for you. Learn how to sew a drawstring bag with this simple, fun tutorial.

The Great Gathered Tote

The best way to store things and organize items in your house is by giving every single item a place to be. If you know where to tuck something away, you will not leave things lying around. Make this chore extra easy by making a Convenient DIY Drawstring Bag for small items that are easily lost.

Convenient DIY Drawstring Bag

The next time you travel you can skip carrying a handful of smaller bags to cart your cosmetics in and create one big carrier. This Boxy DIY Cosmetic Bag is roomy enough to hold all of your make-up and other cosmetics.

Boxy DIY Cosmetic Bag

This free tote bag pattern goes above and beyond the usual style of just any other tote. The Renegade Tote Bag Pattern belongs on the shelves of a store. This surprisingly easy and efficient tote bag tutorial shows you exactly how to make a tote bag that looks like a professional sewed it up.

Renegade Tote Bag Pattern

Step up your tote bag game with this Zip Me Up Tote Bag Pattern. This amazing tote bag doubles as a purse and is extra sturdy.

Zip Me Up Tote Bag Pattern

Free Tote Bag Patterns - With the growing popularity of sustainable grocery bag patterns and farmer’s markets, tote bag patterns have found a new job as free grocery bag patterns!

Free Tote Bag Pattern Party: 18 How to Make a Tote Bag Ideas

While DIY casserole carrier patterns are all the rage, not many of them can fit every casserole dish you have in your home. If you want to avoid creating a dozen carriers or worrying about smaller plates breaking in big containers, make this One Size DIY Casserole Carrier.

One Size DIY Casserole Carrier

Free clutch patterns are one of the most popular free bag patterns available. Instead of creating a bulky time-consuming bag, these cute clutches let you make a small project that makes a big statement.

Carry all your loose change in style when you make this precious Itty Bitty Coin Purse Pattern. This free bag pattern is as easy as it is cute.

Give your girl a free bag pattern to brag about when you make her this Tote Girls Free Bag Pattern.

Avoid the dreaded sandy beach bag mess by sewing up this Sand Free Tote Bag Pattern. Cleverly designed, this bag easily banishes all of the sand from your bag with little to no effort. Plus, it is insanely stylish. You have to see it to believe it!

Ansonia, the latest collection from Denyse Schmidt, is a celebration of contrasts. The grand, old-world glamour of a graceful waltz meets the wild bohemian charm of tango. The Ansonia Bags represents a mix of art and industry, historic elegance and trend-setting unconventionality.

If you have a child who just loves to scoot everywhere, they will adore this Scooter Sewn Bag Pattern. Big enough to carry a water bottle or a snack and compact enough to make sure they can still scoot, this sewn bag pattern is as clever as it is convenient.

This Rustic Upcycled DIY Grocery Bag is the ultimate green craft for those who love to conserve. Instead of spending money on reusable grocery bags, you can learn how to make a bag for shopping out of a feed bag.

Vera Bradley Inspired Cosmetic Bag - This tutorial shows you how to sew a bag that is perfect for holding your make-up and other beauty products while you travel. Vera Bradley bags are beautiful and trendy, but can cost a fortune. If you can spare a few dollars and a few minutes, you can recreate the gorgeous look yourself.

You will love creating this free bag pattern in just under an hour. This extra stylish and chic Turning Japanese Free Bag Pattern will take you no time at all and you will be pairing it with as many outfits as you can.

Turning Japanese Free Bag Pattern

Backpack Back to School this fall with this amazing DIY backpack pattern. This professional and sturdy bag will be the envy of all the other kids in the classroom when you make it for your boy or girl.

  • Debi Matlack

    Not a free pattern, just the technique to add the yellow trim is free.

This Denim Patchwork Pouch is a trendy, useful DIY bag that is great for storing your items in style. Learn how to sew a pouch that uses your old denim and other scraps, making it a thrifty and fun sewing project.

Denim Patchwork Pouch

The Colorful Canvas Tote Bag is an easy, adorable place to start. This DIY tote bag is the perfect size to be your ultimate summer bag. It can hold all of your summer necessities, like your sunscreen, a book, and even a small beach towel.

Colorful Canvas Tote Bag

This free tote bag pattern was designed especially for a trip to the library. That means this fun and funky tote is just the right size and shape to carry your borrowed books to and from your favorite book spot.

Library Tote Bag

Whether you're carrying a free purse pattern with you or creating some fabric bags to store your crafting supplies in, these patterns keep you organized. If you are looking for a little bag for storage, consider creating this Simply Quick Drawstring Bag to hide small pieces.

Simply Quick Drawstring Bag

Free bag patterns can start to look like iterations of the same bag as you scroll through the dozens of options. This is not the case with the Cute Curves Free Bag Pattern. This unique and fab little bag has a silhouette you have no seen on a bag before.

Cute Curves Free Bag Pattern