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A young female architect moves to a small but uniquely-built rural town in order to build a home for a poor black family and unwittingly falls in love with the son of the man secretly responsible for the family’s misfortune.

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Josh Hartnett

Josh Hartnett: I Was Once Accused of Grand Theft Auto!

ALL HALE, a film set against the backdrop of the Rural Studio in Hale County Alabama | Gallery | Archinect

You know from the first frame of Moonrise Kingdom that you are watching a Wes Anderson movie; they’re not like anyone else’s. The textures are more textured, the children are wise beyond their years, in fact all the characters are just a bit off, but in a good way. I enjoyed Rushmore, The Royal Tannenbaums, even The Fantastic Mr. Fox. And happily, Moonrise Kingdom is his best yet. Funny, sweet and totally entertaining, it an indie gem.

The revolutionary movement of design-build architecture programs is spreading across the US. Students of architecture venture into oft-forgotten regions to lend their expertise towards building up poverty-stricken communities. ALL HALE is inspired by such a program and is set in Hale County, Alabama where a history of unemployment dominates. This film connects the true-to-life dots between the spirited locals, well intentioned volunteers, and powerful land owners.

I like the indie look & feel of this film.. the music is great too.

Director and Cinematographer

Behind the Scenes of ALL HALE - A Film By Anita Banerji

ALL HALE - A Film By Anita Banerji

Rob Morgan - Plays Patrice Parker in ALL HALE

Stephanie Allen - Plays Holly in ALL HALE

Mary Katherine Rowe - Plays Alice Walker in ALL HALE

Red Hook Summer, Spike Lee