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Spring and Easter and flowers

Fun fill in the blank Mother's Day Printable- for both Grandma and Mom | Thirty Handmade Days

How to make an Easter basket paper plate craft - love how each child can add their own art to this.

Color coordinated Easter egg hunt. You can only collect your color of egg--stops one kid from getting all the eggs

SPRINGTIME CRAFT IDEAS. I should make this wreath for Terry

Paper Plate Footprint Bunny: Tape or glue on the footprints like shown in the photo above. I decided not to give them arms but of course feel free to add some to yours! Make the facial features by painting on eyes, a nose, a mouth or bunny teeth, and glue on whiskers- we used pipe cleaners for ours.

Fun Handprint and Footprint Art
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Great tips (using acrylic not water-based poster paint, using wooden skewers, putting them in a box lid to hold them steady while drying, etc.)

painted Easter eggs

Use the translater in the upper right corner for English. Basically, put different stuff in plastic Easter eggs and let the kids experiment with the different sounds.

Easter Eggsperiments...a bunch of different ways to dye eggs.

A bunch of Easter craft ideas

A bunch of cute spring dessert ideas (flower box, lemonade cookies, lamb cake, bird nest cake, etc.)