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Easy to Make: Hot or Cold Therapy Rice Bags These are especially nice because they have a pillow cover made with coordinating fabrics and it can be washed. Quilting fat quarter bundles are perfect for this project.

A really clear representation of the digestive system for those who struggle with A and P. The Gastrointestinal System Represented As A Subway Map.

All of L.Oved Essentials products are made in Kent, The Garden of England. Liat uses English Roses to help create bath & skin products. All available from www.lovedessentia...

Gold Wellness Drink This wellness drink is “worth its weight in gold”. It’s packed full of cold and flu fighting ingredients such as ginger, turmeric, lemon and honey. If you feel the signs of cold or flu approaching then make up a cup of this Gold Wellness Drink and stop it in its tracks fast.

Lotion bars for winter with almond oil. Easy, cheap, excellent gifts. Like the ones they sell at Lush

Lavender - for restful sleep.

Aromatherapy - Ylang ylang. An exotic aphrodisiac oil, which promotes feelings of joy, relieves anxiety and anger and relaxes excitable conditions. It is good for balancing hormones, lowers blood pressure and slows a fast heart beat and breathing.

Aromatherapy - Frankincense. Crystals of resin from a tree. Known as the "Spiritual Healer", this oil deepens and strengthens breathing and is good to use for meditation. When burnt it can help to open the consciousness. Physical uses include aiding respiratory, menstrual and urinary problems.

Aromatherapy - Rose Absolute. A beautiful, highly feminine oil. Soothes emotions, a very positive oil for women. Cleansing, improves circulation - not for use in pregnancy.

Reflexology map of the feet.

Stone massage stones laid out for cleansing.