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The Edith Fund! Handicapped? She doesn't know it!

White pit bulls are the best.

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Saving Americas Dog - Best Friends

Vintage photo: pit bulls as nanny dogs. They are the sweetest protectors.

New pit bull book - all proceeds benefit Best Friends!!

This is what Edith looks like 90% of her life. Watch out for those dangerous (-ly lazy) pit bulls!!

  • Vonnie Stone

    that's what my pit does lol scary dog



  • Heather DeProssimo

    this is what my pitty girl is doing right now, lol! she loves the morning sun :)

  • Sharon Thiesen

    People weren't always afraid of Pit Bulls. The most decorated dog in military history was a Pit Bull, Stubby. He saved many soldiers lives in WW1 and his story is both touching and amazing.

  • Amber Packard

    My friend has 2 a male & female & their awesome. Its all about how their raised. You raise them mean theyll be mean if you treat kind theyll be kind. Just like with any breed.

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