Summer holiday planner printables

Unpacking bags after a weekend adventure? Take the time now to put everything away. You won't regret it midweek when you're not tripping over things!

5 Tips to Help Simplify Your Life

How To Organize The Office Break Room

Tips to eep your summer beach/pool bags organized.

Keep Your Summer Beach/Pool Bags Organized with a Checklist - Chaos to Order -

Packaging and wrapping station from shoe rack with rods. Genius. Shoe rack from Amazon for packaging items - excellent space saver!

From Hoarding to "I Have Enough" by Monica Friel on Today's Christian Woman

Disposable iPhone Case--perfect for the beach!

The importance of taking stock and getting back the control in your life via www.organisemyhou...

Maybe my DH can find his keys if he had this! The Magnetic Key Target Is Our New Favorite Way To Store Keys | Cool Material

4 fail safe ways to make other peoples birthdays easier for you - via www.organisemyhou...

The answers to procrastination - why we make excuses to not do things - from

Earth Day! Green Organizing Tips For Your Home

Cut Clutter in the Bedroom: A How-to Guide

Earth Day Continued – Seven Great Repurposing Ideas

Sorting the linens and towels - step by step method from

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