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Allison Yarberry

Allison Yarberry

  • Peezy Hunt

    Clearly you're the 15 year old. Grow up

  • Rhonda Perrotta

    seriously, if you go this message from the guy you liked, i doubt you would feel the same way.

  • Susan Hill

    Ladies--whether or not you believe that someone actually sent this, look for someone who looks you in the eye and says it to your face, not through a god damn text message.

  • Peezy Hunt

    How can I untag myself in this? I'm tired of hearing this months after pinning this.

  • Sara Lou

    Holy shit balls I swear to go this exact text was sent to me by a summer fling. I never replied because he would say shit like this after 2 weeks of us hanging out Sooo creepy he was 27, desperate, reminded me of a high school relationship a puppy dog who follows you around. Too funny

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Cute photo announcement!

Daryl Dixon ~ The Walking Dead- Haley you and I are dumb and dumber! lol

This pastor should get a medal…

"I'm hooked on you" - Only art piece so far that caught my attention, simple, eye catching, and meanigful/visually appealing. So creative!! Metal Art by Jean Pierre Augier

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