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Hack and Slice

US Made Knuckle Trench Knife Recurve - Hand Patina

Monkey Edge - US Made Knuckle Trench Knife Recurve - Hand Patina

knifeandgunporn: Havoc works

How to Sharpen Knives With an Old Belt

Behring Made Knives: Behring Made Knives makes beautiful custom (completely handmade) hand forged scagel style knives, swords and axes using only the best grade steel and materials available. Made in the USA.

Behring Made | Newest Releases

More Huntsman axes finished! The maker is BRT BLADEWORKS, I believe he is reachable via Facebook.. WH

More Huntsman axes finished!

brad duncan's time bomb balisong

DPx H*I*T Cutter, with built in carabiner, featured an integrated pivoting handle and blade guard. No sheath required!

antler bone knife

Vidgand 2 by Cedarlore Forge - (formerly Mad Dwarf Workshop), via Flickr

Slysteel Shark Tooth Hunter

Tops new knife with Slysteel 'Shark Tooth Tactical'

Slysteel Shark Tooth Tactical

Shark Tooth Tactical - SLYSTEEL

Benchmade Knives: 176BKSN SOCP Dagger

Benchmade 943 knife. An awfully nice little tactical knife.

Benchmade 943 Osborne

Winkler Knives II Combat Axe


Primitive D - Guard Bowie Knife