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Drink Recipes

Belly up to the bar and see cocktail recipes, punch recipes, and party drinks. Looking for a margarita, shot, rum drink, or something way out of the ordinary? You’ll find it here!

Bill's Famous Mai Tai | “It's a Hawaiian vacation in a glass. You can't help but feel on vacation as you sip this tropical rum-based concoction. Be careful-this drink has a kick!”

Bill's Famous Mai Tai

Simple Moscow Mule | “Made with ginger beer, vodka, and lime juice, the refreshing taste of a Moscow mule cocktail can't be beat!”

Simple Moscow Mule

Cucumber Punch | "If I could, I would give this recipe 6 stars! I was having a bad day and after I made this drink, the sun came out and my emotional state was saved!"

Cucumber Punch Recipe -

Jolly Rancher®-Infused Vodka | "These colorful vodkas are a fun addition to any bar and are an approachable alcoholic drink for anyone of age. Cherry, sour apple, and watermelon are divine. Serve chilled."

Jolly Rancher(R)-Infused Vodka

White Peachy Sangria | "Served it as party punch for a cookout and people came over the next day for leftovers. Was very disappointed when I had to tell them it was all gone."

White Peachy Sangria

Caribbean Breeze | "If you are on vacation, you might as well start off with a nice fruity drink. Bonus--contains Vitamin C."

Caribbean Breeze

Kale and Banana Smoothie | "I switched out the soy milk for unsweetened coconut and added chia along with the flax. Loved it - may be my new go to smoothie."

Kale and Banana Smoothie

Rob and Becky's Pimm's™ Lemonade | “On our honeymoon we stayed with some friends in London and they made us this drink - now we can't stop making it! It is especially delicious on a hot, summer afternoon. The cucumber and mint are odd, but don't leave them out - they make this drink!”

Rob and Becky's Pimm's(TM) Lemonade

Refreshing Summer Cucumber Lemonade | "I would highly recommend making it in advance to allow the flavors to meld. I ran out it was such a huge hit!"

Refreshing Summer Cucumber Lemonade

Brazilian Lemonade | "This was fantastic! I didn't have a proper blender on hand so I had to use a hand/stick blender and it worked fine."

Brazilian Lemonade

Iced Mochas | "The chocolate swirl on the inside of the glass made it look extra special."

Iced Mochas Recipe -

Shaggy's Hana Bay Footie Joy | Kick it island-style with coconut-pineapple juice and a splash of rum. Maybe two splashes.

Shaggy's Hana Bay Frootie Joy

Campfire S'Mores Frappuccino® | "Who doesn't love a s'more? This campfire Frappuccino® is a s'more drink with a shot of espresso, perfect for a refreshing summer treat."

Campfire S'Mores Frappuccino(R)

Drink up - it’s hammer time!

Hammerhead Recipe -

Shark Bite Cocktail | Because you KNOW there’s going to be a drinking game.

Shark Bite Cocktail

"Scorpion Bowl | ""Routinely found at Chinese restaurants, this punch-like cocktail is absolutely mouthwatering. This goes great with Chinese and Polynesian food."

Scorpion Bowl Recipe -

Tropical Teaser Smoothie | "This tropical, non-dairy smoothie, full of protein and fresh fruit is not only a wonderful way to start your day, but can be enjoyed anytime as a refreshing summer drink."

Tropical Teaser Smoothie

Pretty in Pink Sangria | Frozen, sliced strawberries, lemonade concentrate, and ginger ale combine for a festive punch.

Pretty in Pink Sangria

Creamsicle® Punch | "This is a great refreshing drink for summer parties! Your guests will be reminded of eating Creamsicles® as a child. Serve with a slice of orange on top."

Creamsicle(R) Punch

Best Vodka Gummies | "Best vodka-infused gummies on the net! I use Three Olives® or Van Gogh® vodka. Haribo® or Black Forest® gummy candy work best. Serve them with a slotted metal or wood spoon, using any non-plastic container. Drink the extra vodka if desired."

Best Vodka Gummies

Summer Beer II | "The summer is fun when pink lemonade is made hard with vodka and beer."

Summer Beer II Recipe -

Sharknado Cocktail | It's jawesome.

Sharknado Cocktail

Strawberry Shortcake Drink | A strawberry shortcake milkshake…with vodka and amaretto! Sometimes it’s good to be a grownup. So good.

Strawberry Shortcake Drink