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hardbody-kelsey: Simply eating clean and lifting heavy. Same weight in both, half a year down the road. Never give up on yourself.


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Brandi is a mom and business owner. She lost weight and changed her life with Hitch Fit! Click here to learn how you can do it too! #ad

So many people ask to see my before & after photos so I have finally dug up a couple old pics. It didn't matter to me if people said I looked fine before. It's about how I felt. Watching the sizes of my pants & shirts get higher.. While noticing the energy in my body go down, became depressing. I was grumpy, tired, lazy & didn't love myself. I may not have hit rock bottom but of I continued the way I was, I eventually would have. If you don't eat healthy and exercise you will eventually be ov...

300/30 Day Ab Challenge-Results. It only takes about 15mins a night. thats not to much for this kind of results.

Life After I "Dew": 300 Ab Challenge- Results

265lbs to 195lbs. Weight loss: 70lbs and still losing. Starting BMI 42.8 (severely obese).

“I gained a whole new respect for myself!”

Kelly Smith lost over 100 pounds!

Kelly Smith lost over 100 pounds! - Oxygen Women's Fitness

inspiring body transformation

WOW!WOW! {I bet she feels great now} {body transformation}

male body transformation