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  • Kira Thomas

    I have a treadmill inundated my livingroom staring at me

  • Kira Thomas

    Lol um I meant I have a treadmill staring at me everyday in my livingroom and I constantly choose the couch over that damn thing.

  • Mindi Hoffman

    Lol. I have red hair, a red headed husband, and three babies who are 3 years old and under who all have red hair! We turn heads in public :)

  • Chelsey Shaw


  • Dawn Boese

    Don't laugh, it's actually true!

  • Naomi Green

    Wow, how flippantly we use the word 'fact'. I think this girl is beautiful :)

  • Cameron Davis

    It's genetically impossible to have red hair and no freckles! Haha

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