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Lab freebie that teaches the cell processes such as photosynthesis, respiration and fermentation

Teaching Blog Addict: Science Lab Freebie

Constructing a DNA Ladder

Constructing a DNA Ladder

An image that you can tack on to any assignment involving mass, volume and density! Cover up one part of the triangle and it gives the formula that...

Earth Science Unit - lots of hands-on activities to teach how fold mountains are formed, plate movement and earthquakes, and the layers of Earth.

The Homeschool Den: Earth Science Unit

description of independent variable, dependent variable, and control

WATCH: How A Teacher Encouraged Her Students With An F | Fabulous TEDTalk about the value of relationship building with students

WATCH: How A Teacher Encouraged Her Students With An 'F'

One heck of a unique Mother's Day card. You got your mitochondria from your mother in the egg cell from which you came. Mitochondria have their own DNA which can be used to trace your mother's mother's mother's mother's mother back through thousands of years. Thanks, Mom.