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I want this soooooo bad!! I neeeeed it right meow! ♥ Hippie Peace Sign Necklace by ChooseYourPeace on Etsy, $18.00 give me

The ultimate cat toy!!! How cool would this be???

루루 휠 타워 스크래치 특대형 (LooLoo Wheel Tower Scratch GB)

book masking tape NEED!

Quotes from Fiction

Every shower should have one of these!

Every shower should have one of these! -

instagram photo collage -- $2.99 @ costco to print this!!

eighteen25: instagram photo collage

Rocking Hammock...yes please! Forget laying out on uncomfortable lawn chairs

Rocking Hammock - contemporary - hammocks - by BackyardCity

Just married coffee mugs how cool are these.

Wedding Favors and Decorations by Belle Styles

Herbal Infusion Shower Head...I would love to put some tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, & some lavender in there to open up my sinuses and make it so soothing & relaxing!

I want these! Amazon; $15 for 2.


Lip Gallagher - fuck you, you fucking, fuck

100% truth. This pretty much describes me LOL

ROCK 11:30 | Hoodie | Skreened

Snail tea bag holders. Soulfun Design... Cute for a garden/balcony tea party!

Hahaha. I need this.

Picture Polish Aurora NEED THIS!

Whoa! This Nail Polish Changes With Your Temperature!! Not the "mood ring" effect, it changes due to how hot or cold you are!! Never have I wanted anything more than this!!!:):)