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Banner Detail of Adderbury church, Oxfordshire, England by Thorskegga Thorn

"When I find myself in times of trouble/ Mother Mary comes to me/Speaking words of wisdom/ Let it be"

Guadalupe Lady~Cuzco Art Icon Big RETABLO~Santos Original Oil Painting On Canvas

VIKA #3 - Natalie Armin

VIKA #3 - Natalie Armin

OUR LADY OF THE PILLAR (October 12) The first Marian apparition in history appeared to Saint James the Apostle, the brother of Saint John the Evangelist, on the bank of the river Ebro in Saragossa, Spain. Unlike every other recorded apparition, this one took place during the earthly life of the Mother of God. According to tradition, she had promised Saint James that when he needed it most in his difficult mission to the pagans in today’s Spain, she would appear to him to encourage him.

Our Lady of Lourdes statue in the actual place in Fatima where the 3 children experienced apparitions of the Blessed Mother. Many cures take place here in the miraculous water.

Apparition of Mother Mary in Medjugorje

Sunset Mary (St. Vincent DePaul Catholic Church, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada)

Quentin Matsys (1466–1530): María y el Niño rodeados de ángeles.

1469-64 Giovanni Bellini, Madonna with Child Giving Blessing

My mother Mary

Nuestra Señora de los Milagros de Caacupé

Andrea Amati - “The King," circa 1538 AD, the oldest existing cello


Flouncy-yet-Sad Mary

French religious figurine

Rare oratory mineiro lapinha, attributed to XIX century Popular oratories -Domestic oratories, welcomed, beyond the holy devotion and of others, everything that relates to our faith and promises of everyday life, occupied privileged spaces within the homes of the faithful and passed from father to son and grandchildren as family legacy.


SANTA ANNA... A central European image of saint Anne holding her grandson JESUS and daughter VIRGEN MARIA