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Chicago - Top 10 Most Adventurous Cities

10 Most Adventurous Cities In The World

A new series of book covers for five major works by Virginia Woolf.

"Ten Days" brochure for the bi-annual arts festival in Tasmania — Designspiration

cascalesdef28 by fscarballo, via Flickr

Bright Edge Painted Business Card

This is a neat cite. I like the way how multiple images are put together so nicely and easily through the use of negative and postive space. The cat's body and tail creates the image of a martini glass. The hard lines create a formal and structured feel. Dribbble - Black Cat Lounge by Jacob Weaver

I think this is a really clever and unique logo. I like how the two wedding rings appear to be a part of the video camera. I think it accurately reveals the purpose of the business. Wedding Videographer Logo

I really like this logo because it is visually interesting to see when part of one number or letter serves as the structure for another one. This image has the numbers 6, 2,and 3 all combined. Also the colors used are complementary with negative space in the "2."

I really like this logo. It is simple and the word "Fresh" appears to be a part of the orange fruit. I like how each letter appears to be a different section of the orange peal. I also like the color combination because it is cool, bright, and fresh feeling.

I like this combination logo/logotype because it creatively expresses the goods and services of the company. The letter "C" appears to be created with a brush stroke of orange paint. The letter also stands for the company name, "Columbus Creative." The bright orange color used also is great for drawing attention from the eye. Logo Inspiration | #864 Columbus Creative by Chase Turberville

I really like this image because it is creatively placed together. The "Birdie Pro Shop" is advertising with a golf club that is created to appear like an actual bird through the use of details such as the tiny beak. The image is simple and to the point.

Emporium Pies | Foundry Collective

Studio Blackburn