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Math-Fractions & Decimals

Fraction and Decimal Number Line Ordering Fractions and Decimals HANDS-ON ACTIVITY! Use this FUN activity to teach, review, and assess your stude...

Fraction Decimal Number Line - A FUN Hands-On Activity

Multiplying Fractions- I have never seen it drawn out with over lapping the 2 multiplied fractions!

Teaching With a Mountain View: Multiplying Fractions

Improper Fraction Anchor Chart

Planning for math stations at Clinton Prairie Elementary

Printable Place Value Chart to the Billions

Place Value Chart to the Billions

Why Buy Manipulatives, when you can Make Them for Free!

Why Buy Manipulatives, when you can Make Them for Free!

A FREE, no prep, completely differentiated fraction game. Three levels, quick and easy to teach and play!!

The Elementary Math Maniac: No Prep Differentiated Fraction Game

Comparing Fractions: We focus a great deal on equipping students with strategies for doing this mentally. They take part in an investigation where they 'discover' these mental strategies. Though many students dislike the initially struggle, they realize that developing these mental strategies saves them time in the end. If they just stop and THINK they can often discover which fraction is larger without ever even thinking about 'common denominators'. P1

I've got a foldable for that!: comparing fractions

This package contains tri-fold rounding flip cards. The concept behind the cards: When rounding, students should do one of three things to each digit: leave it alone, increase it by one, or change it to a zero. The rounding flip cards give students these three choices on each card. The color change may benefit visual learners while the flipping may benefit kinesthetic learners. $

Rounding Flip Cards

This decimal test is a Word document. The skills being assessed are what place certain digits are in, the value of certain digits, word form, standard form, expanded form, ordering, comparing, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and placing decimals on a number line. The numbers can be modified since it is a word document.

Decimal Test - Word Document