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A variety of Thinking Map examples in a second grade class. (Team V's Second Grade Fun: Thinking Maps)

Team V's Second Grade Fun: Thinking Maps

Using Sequence Charts in Reading and Free Chart!

50 Thinking Maps for reading responses

Made In The Shade In 2nd Grade: Reader's Response
  • Lori Murrah

    Unable to find this on a download or TPT.

  • Nicole Goodno

    me either. how great are these. its so bad!! I would pay to download them!!!

  • Gail Keene

    Nicole, they are copyrighted. Go to their website.

  • Nicole Goodno

    HI Gail, Thank you. I tried to go to their website. When clicking on the link for the freebies it took me to teachers pay teacher and there were no longer to be found. Any other ideas? Im loving those! :)

  • Gail Keene

    Nicole, the materials are not sold without staff development. Go to . They can help you.

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This thinking-maps unit about ocean animals is the catch of the day! Just dive in and you'll find a circle map, brace map and tree map for each of ...

Multi-flow Maps, flow maps in social studies

Root Word Divided Circle Map (did I already pin this??? We need a button for that ;) )

Teaching in Room 6: A New Spin on the Word Wall

Thinking Map mobile

Teaching in Room 6: Reading Olympics -- The Projects

Multi-Flow Map-Stephanie explains step-by-step how she leads her students to build this thinking map about the causes and effects of Christopher Columbus 'discovering' America. LOVE this blog!

Bridge Map for fact and opinion. The relating factor is "is a ____ because"