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Remember When

392 Pins

Nancy Green a former slave, was employed in 1893 to promote the Aunt Jemima brand by demonstrating the pancake mix at expositions and fairs. She was a popular attraction because of her friendly personality, great story-telling, and warmth. Green signed a lifetime contract with the pancake company and her image was used for packaging and billboards.

Happy Black History Month | Little Known Fact #19

you've got cooties

we all had these!

Reeves water colour elementary school staple


Dyeing Easter eggs...

How to...

One potato, two potato, Three potato, four; Five potato, six potato, Seven potato, more!

OMG!!!! Remember this rhyme.??????

1950's Salt & Pepper Shakers ~ We had these growing up!

tins of spices before plastic took over

address book

Sen-sen breath "fresheners" - smelled like stale, rotten licorice.


sprinkler bottle to dampen clothes before ironing

Drinking Bird


BB Bats

This christmas candy reminds me of my childhood days!

Using our pillowcase to go trick-or-treating on Halloween. I always came home with it full of candy (as well as a few pennies, popcorn balls and an apple or two)!