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@Victoria Alexander seriously? that;'s supposed to be Jace Wayland? he looks like a gay pedofile. i'm disappointed. Alex Pettyfer will always be Jace in my heart!

  • Eliza Yaghy

    I love Jamie he does not look like a gay pedofile but ya he is not who pictured Jace to be

  • Hannah Pascarella

    I don't like that casting either, but it doesn't really matter because they raped the book when they made the movie. It was terrible.

  • Eliza Yaghy

    Ya the movie was not as good as I thought it was going to be

  • T

    The movie was better than I expected actually. I think it was more of an addon experience for people who read the books and sort of like an interpretation as opposed to something which was made for everyone to actually represent the book.

  • symantha briggs

    i have not seen the movie yet.....

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