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Travel Guide Bozeman

My favorites from living in Bozeman in 2012. WARNING: Do not try to get Chinese food in Bozeman. You will be disappointed.

As far as accommodation goes, Bozeman doesn't have many stellar options as far as location, price, and charm (ie not a chain). I'd go with one of the few B&Bs just south of Main st and if all else fails turn to Airbnb.

Meat Shoppe - game meat, jerky, other things meat eaters love. * have heard good things but not tried myself - not a huge meat eater.

That sign says lowest liquor prices in town and boy do they deliver. Free bag of ice with purchase to boot!

The Filling Station. Great venue, great bar.

Concerts, movies, galleries, and classes all in one place and appealing to a wide range of people.

aka THE Dinosaur Museum. It's curator Jack Horner was the technical advisor on all of the Jurassic Park movies and was partial inspiration for the main character Dr. Alan Grant.

Museum of the Rockies > Home

Cannot say enough wonderful things about this place and the people who work there. Best volunteer experience I've had in my life. Not only do they provide foodstuffs for people in need at the food bank, they bring people together by providing dinner every evening to anyone and everyone in the Bozeman community. They deserve your time, support, and endless thanks.

Gallatin Valley Land Trust I helped move this bridge! GVLT is amazing, these trails are wonderful.

Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. Beauty to make you believe in a deity - whether (s)he be mother nature or anything else.

Bequet Caramels - made right outside of town. Soooo delicious and sold in fancy pants places around the country.

St. Marys Lake - Glacier This is quite a ways from Bozeman in Glacier Nat'l Park (5-6hrs). Well worth it though - this is the lake in that scene from forrest gump. Glacier is far and away the most beautiful National Park in this country and it's namesake Glaciers will be gone in a few decades.

Cosmica Boutique on Main St- not the cheapest but the proprietor has amazing taste in women's clothing, accessories, and Jewelry

Bridger Bowl - community owned ski area. Where the locals go (so much cheaper than big sky, less obnoxious clientele, so close to town!)

Storm Castle Rock hike!! So breathtaking, 30-40 minutes each way, great for hiking beginners, and not far from town!

Bozeman, MT library. My favorite library - so beautiful and you can hop on the main st to mountains trail right behind it.

Second Wind - buy/sell gently used sports gear. This store has an extremely large and diverse selection. Make note of the return policy though.