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Sweet Precious Animals

baby vizsla. make it stop.

I have seen many a precious 'bump' "feed me" faces like this... They are soo cute when they are little. lol

Boxer Puppies : So Cute!!

Starbridge Boxers - Slide Show Puppies

Boxer puppy For Puppy Fridays from Underdog Rescue of Arizona

You can't see me. I have my blue collar on that makes me invisible.

White Boxer Puppy

This little guy was one of the last babies of the summer last year. He knew exactly how to get all the attention.

This baby raccoon is adorable

This baby raccoon is adorable

This pup looks like our Molly girl... I wish I knew what kind this one was so we could figure out what she is! :)

These Funny Animals (33 pics + 1 gif)

A baby raccoon indulging in a quick game of peekaboo. | 25 Animal Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Animals

25 Animal Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Animals

An All-Natural Raccoon Repellant: Spices. They are cute, but I think Chelsea is going to get in some serious trouble trying to attack them.

An All-Natural Raccoon Repellant: Spices

Puppy dog eyes have officially been replaced with raccoon eyes.

Really Cute Stuff

Too cute! :)

"A true cat lover cradles a new kitten and knows that 9 lives will never be nearly enough." --Unknown Author


Nightly routine. | The Best Cat Gif Post In The History Of Cat Gifs

The Best Cat GIF Post In The History Of Cat GIFs

........Aún cuando no puede ver en la oscuridad absoluta, posee detrás de su retina un tejido reflectante llamado "tapetum lucidum" que le permite distinguir lo que lo rodea, cuando la luz es tan reducida que impide la visión para el hombre y a otros animales menos dotados en este aspecto que los felinos.

Bastet the Little Tabby Star

Your boot is soft. Can I have it? No? I promise I won't scratch you! Still no? Fine. I get to scratch you.

Runs on Dunkin' LOL My cat is hyper enough!