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Von Franco's Smokin' Joe Pocket Flask - Tiki Farm, Inc.

Von Franco's Smokin' Joe Pocket Flask - Tiki Farm, Inc.

Harry the Hunter – Beetlejuice « Cakenweenie

Gorgeous and spooky wedding cake by Black Cherry Cake Company.

An illustration from the graphic novel, 'Poe and Phillips', which has H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe teaming up to investigate supernatural matters. Written by Jaime Collado, illustrated by Miguel Cedillo, and published by Arcana Studio.

Frankies Tiki Hut - Downtown Las Vegas, NV.

Burtonesque marine life! The Striped Pyjama Squid is a poisonous cuttlefish found around the Australian coastline.

Tom Bagshaw - Tiki Spirit Tikis, ghosts, a pinup, and ROBOTS?? Does it get any better????

Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash.

Star Wars Matryoshka

by the mid-90s a brand of Universal Studios Monster Cookies hit the shelves. Having had more than my fair share of these cookies, a few things can be said: (1) they had great images of the monsters on each cookie, which was surprising (2) it was fun reaching into a box of monster cookies and seeing which monster you were about to devour (3) they were some of the blandest and most tasteless things I've ever ate - but this proves that most kids will eat anything, so long as it looks cool./ I remember these. Nom nom